Armed Forces: How They Turned Risk Into Opportunity – The Insight of General Floros

They say that a General, in the performance of his duties, must balance between impetuosity and composure, caution and boldness. Just as reckless confidence and underestimation of danger can lead to tragic defeats, oligarchy in the face of opportunity robs an army of victory.

However, it seems that the Greek Chief of GEETHA, General Konstantinos Floros, has found the golden ratio, as a result of which the Armed Forces are recording continuous successes and at the same time looking to the future with justified optimism.

Nothing is accidental, nothing is done without detailed planning. With the foresight that should distinguish all military personnel, composure, stability, logic and realism, the military leadership of the Greek “Pentagon” calculates wisely but also the necessary speed of each subsequent move, managing to be permanently two steps ahead of the opponent.

The results prove it!

It is not only the turning of the page in the Special Forces and their evolution into a Special Warfare Command under the auspices of GEETHA, it is the overall planning to strengthen all Branches of the Armed Forces with new weapon systems and modernization of the old ones, but also the necessary ” “stimulus injection” in human resources.

It is truly impressive that the current military leadership has managed to lead the Armed Forces to the best level of the last 30 years operationally and at the same time to proceed with the armament enhancement with some of the best weapons systems in the world.

At the same time, it also strengthens the alliances with “key” countries in the region, while the strengthening of cooperation with powerful superpowers such as the USA and France, confirm that our country is a pillar of stability and a guarantor of peace in the wider region of the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean.

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The Armed Forces are now moving into the new era, with new weapon systems and modernization of the old ones, at a time when Turkey is unable to find even… a screw, as a result of Tayyip Erdogan’s deadlock, blackmail and threatening tactics. The images of the Chief of Defense Forces, General Konstantinos Floros, next to the leading fighter jets of the West, the Rafales that are already in Greece and the F-35s that will very soon carry the coat of arms on their wings, confirm the great work, the strategy and the methodical actions carried out by the military leadership.

As it proved on the field, our country has the advantage of being managed militarily at the moment by people who are capable, excellent strategists, cool and above all far-sighted, who not only see the dangers, but also the opportunities.

SOURCE – Vassilis Skoularakos

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