Who is the lightest man to deadlift 400kg?

400kg Deadlift at 97.1kg bodyweight by Krzysztof Wierzbicki of Poland will surely stand for all time, unless he uncorks something special again.

What is the record for 400kg deadlift for reps

New World Record! Rauno Heinla Deadlifts 400kg/882lb 6 Times! As with the episodes in season one, Mark Boyd and Laurence Shahlaei called the action and the head judge was four-time World’s Strongest Man Zadrunas Savickas.

Who can do the heaviest deadlift?

  • Standard Equipped Deadlift (with deadlift suit and straps) – 501 kg (1,105 lb) by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.
  • Standard Raw Deadlift (no deadlift suit or straps) – 460.4 kg (1,015 lb) by Benedikt Magnússon.
  • Raw Sumo Deadlift (no deadlift suit or straps) – 487.5 kg (1,075 lb) by Danny Grigsby.

Can you lift 300kg naturally?

300kg is doable, although it will take a lot of effort, obviously. 400kg is never happening in a million years. To put it in perspective, 400kg is 880lbs, Ed Coan has a “natural” world record 859lbs @ 220lbs.

Who can lift 500 kg

Powerlifter Jamal Browner Deadlifts a Historic 500 Kilograms (1,102 Pounds) in Training. Browner makes unique strength sports history with the pull. Only days after a record-breaking performance at the 2022 USPA Raw Pro, powerlifter Jamal Browner might have just outdone himself with a new remarkable feat of strength.

What is the heaviest deadlift by a 16 year old

16 years old Jashwanth hold heaviest deadlift of 120 kgs weight , each side of 60 kgs and made a new world record for International Book of Records.

Who attempted the 505 kg deadlift

By the time Stoltman attempts 505 kilograms (1,113.3 pounds), that figure might not be the deadlift record anymore. After deadlifting his all-time competition best of 483 kilograms (1,064.3 pounds) at the 2022 Eisenhart Black Competition (EBC), fellow strongman Ivan Makarov revealed he would attempt the World Record.

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What is the heaviest a 14 year old has Deadlifted

An American teenager holds the current world record for the heaviest deadlift for a 14-year-old at 160kg – which is 10kg less than Josh’s personal best. “There’s a world record of 808lbs for a 14-year-old that’s stood for a few years and he’s classed as the strongest 14-year-old in the world on Google,” added Eddy.

What is the heaviest deadlift in powerlifting

Danny Grigsby (125KG) Sets All-Time World Record Raw Deadlift of 487.5 Kilograms (1,074.5 Pounds) at 2022 WRPF American Pro.

What is the heaviest deadlift in competition

In 2020, the Icelandic strongman Hafthor Bjornsson beat that record by 1kg, while deadlifting 501kg. With that, he was classified as the holder of the record for the heaviest deadlift.

What is the world record for 15 person deadlift?

15-Year-Old Morgan Nicholls Records 605-Pound Deadlift in Training for Unofficial World Record. The training feat gives the teenage Nicholls an unofficial, staggering record. A professional strength sports athlete deadlifting 600-plus pounds will almost always be noteworthy.

Who deadlifted 500 kg


How heavy can the average man deadlift

The average untrained man can deadlift around 155 pounds. Then, with three months of practice, he can deadlift 285 pounds for a single repetition. That means the average man you meet on the street can deadlift roughly: 285 pounds as their 1-rep max deadlift.

How much can Strongest Man deadlift?

Gabriel Peña set a new 18-inch Axle Deadlift World Record of 500kg/1,102lb, at the 2021 Static Monsters Worldwide, online contest.

How many kg can a normal person deadlift

Depending on the weight class, the average deadlift by weight in kg will range from 151kg to 250kg (332lb to 551lb) for men and 92kg to 147kg (202lb to 324lb) for women.

How much can average man deadlift

The average untrained man can deadlift around 155 pounds. Then, with three months of practice, he can deadlift 285 pounds for a single repetition. That means the average man you meet on the street can deadlift roughly: 285 pounds as their 1-rep max deadlift.

How good is a 200kg squat

I don’t think anyone would call a 200kg squat elite. It’s alright, it looks pretty good in the commercial gym down the road, but it is not a big lift. The good thing for you is you are an intermediate. You can see improvements pretty much weekly, as long as you do it right.

WHO has lifted 600 kg

Fergus Crawley: A Hybrid Athlete For a Greater Cause – BarBend. Records 600-Kilogram Powerlifting Total and Runs 37 Miles in One Day.

WHO has lifted 1000kg

This is a strength feat that’s only been accomplished by a handful of athletes. Prior to Richardson’s latest accomplishment, powerlifting legend Eric Lilliebridge was the holder of this accolade and hit his 1,000kg/2,204 lb+ total at the age of 22.

How much can Superman lift

This difference in gravity allows Superman to lift objects that measure in the tons. In fact, the comics have put Superman’s strength at a point where he’s able to lift around 2 billion tons! To put that into perspective, the Empire State Building is only 365,000 tons!

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What is the record for 65 kg deadlift?

66kg Clifton Pho Deadlifts an Epic 285kg for New World Record (4.3 Times Bodyweight) | BarBend.

What is the world record deadlift 70KG

Powerlifter Nabil Lahlou Deadlifts 5 Times His Body Weight — 356.7KG at 70KG | BarBend.

Is 140KG deadlift good for 16 year old

The average deadlift for male 16 year olds is 2.1 times bodyweight. The average deadlift strength of 16 year old females is 1.8 times bodyweight. Depending on the weight class, deadlifts will range from 125kg to 210kg for men and 83kg to 139kg for women.

What was the most a 13 year old Deadlifted

Two months after competing in the Shellshock powerlifting event in Edmonton and setting a World Raw Powerlifting national record in the deadlift, 13-year-old Hayden Hampton found out his pull of 225 pounds was, in fact, a world record in the Men Junior 13-15 age category.

What is the 19 year old deadlift record

Liam Newell Sets American Raw Deadlift Record

Newell only used a lifting belt, a sumo stance, and a hook grip to muscle up the record-setting 777lbs deadlift. This lift edged out the previous record held by Ian Bell, which was 771.6lbs.

How much can Eddie Hall deadlift

IronMind S-Cubed Bar Deadlift (with suit and straps) – 472.5 kilograms (1,042 lb) (2017 World’s Strongest Man), 445 kilograms (981 lb) (at partial deficit, with suit and straps) (2016 World’s Strongest Man) Raw Deadlift (no straps or suit) – 360 kilograms (794 lb)

What is the heaviest squat ever?

Nathan Baptist — 595 kilograms (1,311.8 pounds) | Multi-ply

The literal heaviest squat performed officially by any human ever that we know of was performed by Superheavyweight Nathan Baptist.

What is the 17 year old deadlift world record

So it is with this viral video (below) of Lee Winroth, a 17-year-old, 147-pound Swedish soccer player, in which she deadlifts 418 pounds—nearly three times her body weight. This content is imported from youTube.

What is the heaviest Crossfit deadlift

CrossFitter Mat Fraser Deadlifts Lifetime Personal Record of 540 Pounds (244.9 Kilograms)

What was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s highest deadlift

Arnold says his best gym powerlifts were: squat 545 lbs. (247 kg.), bench press 500 lbs. (227 kg.), and deadlift 710 (322 kg.).

Is Deadlifting 130kg good

No it is not bad for your health. If you can deadlift 130 kg I’m assuming you have followed a fairly sensible strength program, and gained a reasonable amount of muscle and strength before attempting the lift.

Did Thor’s deadlift count

GAME OF THRONES star Hafthor Julius Bjornsson broke the world deadlift record after successfully lifting an incredible 501kg (1,105 pounds). The previous record was held by British star Eddie Hall, who became the first man to lift 500kg back in 2016.

What is an Olympic level deadlift

The Olympic deadlift is a hybrid of the deadlift and the traditional Olympic clean pull. What makes this exercise different from the traditional deadlift is that it involves a much greater range of motion. Think vertical jump, except your feet don’t leave the floor.

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