What does a 10 12 mean?

10-11 Employee Number. 10-12 Stand By. 10-13 Weather Conditions. 10-14 Message / Information. 10-15 Message Delivered.

What does it mean to go 10 7

Often when an officer retires, a call to dispatch is made. The officer gives a 10-7 code (Out of service) and then a 10-42 code (ending tour of duty).

What does a 10 50 mean

10-50. Traffic Accident (PD No Injury, PI Injury, LSA Left scene)

What does a 10/40 mean

10-40. Silent Run – No Light, Siren.

What does a 10 15 mean?

10-15 Prisoner in custody. 10-16 Pick up prisoner.

What does the slang 10-4 mean

10-4 is a way of saying “message received” in radio communications. It’s also used as a way to “you got it.”

What does 10 20 mean

The phrase essentially means, “What is your location?” or “Identify your position,” but is a corrupted phrase from the original “10-20” used by law enforcement to verbally encode their radio transmissions so that non-police listeners would not easily discover police operations, as well as to communicate quicker and

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What is a 10 27 police code

10-27 Driver’s license information required; a Member is requesting that the Motor Vehicle Branch be contacted for information on a licensed driver.

What does a 10 5 mean

Message received; OK; acknowledged. 10-47. Lost/Missing person. 10-5. Relay message.

What does 10 42 mean

One “Ten Code” that is not as familiar to the general public is “10-42”. This particular code is used to indicate an officer’s end of tour.

What is 10 3 police code

What does police code 10-3 mean? Police code 10-3 means Stop transmitting.

What does 10 1 mean

WHAT DOES 10-1 MEAN ON A FILM SET? On a film set, 10-1 is the walkie talkie code for the bathroom. While literally meaning you need to pee, using as this as a catch-all saves your film crew from t.m.i.

What does code 10 23 mean

10-23. Arrived at Scene. Arrived at Scene. Breaking-In (In Progress)

What does 10 6 mean in police code

10-6 Busy — stand by unless urgent. 10-7 Out of service. 10-8 In service. 10-9 Repeat.

What does a 12 mean in slang

Why Are The Police Called “12”? Police are called 12 as a slang term. According to sources, 12 comes from the police radio code “10-12,” which means that visitors are present in the area where police are going.

What does a 10 8 mean

Auto accident — no injury. 10-8.

What does a 10 100 mean

The term 10/100 Base refers to an Ethernet connection that supports both 10 Mbps (megabits per second) and 100 Mbps data transmission rates. Ethernet is the commonly employed networking standard for LAN communications.

What does 10.4 mean in police

10-4 is an affirmative signal: it means “OK.” The ten-codes are credited to Illinois State Police Communications Director Charles Hopper who created them between 1937–40 for use in radio communications among cops. Chase’s Calendar. @ChasesCalendar. · Follow.

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What does 10 99 mean

Check (Test) Signal. 10-98. Prison / Jail Break. 10-99. Wanted / Stolen Indicated.

What does code 10 63 mean

10-63 Prepare to copy. 10-64 Found property. 10-66 Suspicious person. 10-67 Person calling for help.

What is a 9 5 slang

: a job with regular daytime hours.

What does 710 stand for in slang

710 refers to July 10, just as 420 refers to April 20. This date was chosen for the simple fact that, if you turn the number 710 upside down, you can read the word “oil”, a reference to cannabis concentrates. Just as 420 is the time to light a joint, 710 is the time to dab.

What does your 20 mean

Have you ever heard someone ask, “What’s your 20?” The term refers to your location. It comes from “10–20” and is part of the Ten Code used by CB radioers, who borrowed and adapted it from the police and emergency services. It seems appropriate to use this question to kick off my first column in the year 2020.

What is 10 4 in police code

Examples of police codes include “10 codes” (such as 10-4 for “okay” or “acknowledged”—sometimes written X4 or X-4), signals, incident codes, response codes, or other status codes.

What does 10 32 mean?

The term 10-32 comes from Unified and American Screw Threads for Bolts, Nuts, and Machine Screws standards published by ANSI B1. 1-1974. The number “10” is simply a size designator. The number “32” refers to the 32 threads per inch.

What does 10 11 means

In numerology, the number 1011 is a special number and a message of change. This number signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. It encourages you to let go of the past and embrace the new opportunities that are coming your way.

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