The Turks built a drone gunboat for electronic warfare against the Belharra

The Turks built a drone ship (with gunboat capabilities) that conducts electronic warfare at sea.

The President of the Defense Industry of Turkey (SSB) Professor Dr. Ismail Demir, said on his social media account that the MARLIN “became the world’s first electronic warfare-capable unmanned surface vehicle.”

The unmanned surface platform is called MARLIN and was invited to a NATO exercise, Turkish pointed out.

“Turkey, considered one of the best countries in the world in unmanned aerial vehicles, is on the verge of a similar success story in unmanned underwater and surface platforms,” ​​it noted.

The Turks built a drone gunboat for electronic warfare

The MARLIN is about 15 meters long and will have capabilities related to “surface warfare, undersea warfare, electronic warfare and asymmetric operations” while incorporating the capabilities of gunboats.

According to TRT Haber news, the electronic warfare system currently on MARLIN is a world first. “Therefore, MARLIN is the world’s first unmanned surface platform carrying electronic warfare systems,” the Turks said.

The NATO exercise called Dynamic Messenger 2022 “will be the first exercise in the history of the world in which nearly 100 manned and unmanned vehicles will test types of warfare at sea,” Turkish media say.

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