The transfer to France of 19 PA Mirage 2000EGM/BGM is completed by the end of the year

The 19 remaining Mirage 2000EGM fighters and 332M two-seat BGM belonging to the 114 AM in Tanagra are withdrawn and transferred to France by the end of the year, as provided for by the -strange- condition of the Rafale F.3R fighter purchase agreement together with the entire stock their spare parts.

The Mirage 2000EG deal is decoupled from the Rafale F3R sale and was priced at €117.5 million.

These fighters will be upgraded and sold to a third party customer, and the PA will thus wait for the Rafale to take over the TAVNE role (deliveries continue at a slow pace).

We could say that the Air Force thus loses its air-to-surface attack capabilities, for a long time until the Rafale F.3Rs acquire full operational capability of using the AM-39 Exocet air-to-surface missiles in the Greek operational environment (only the old MIrage 2000EGM/BGM have this capability as the SEG 52 software for operational use of the Mirage 2000-5 in this role was not installed on the 1999 market aircraft, ever).

But this is also the difficult part as the 24 Rafales will do first, air superiority with the Meteors, strategic strike with the SCALPs or naval support with the EXOCETs?

And all this in an environment of dense Turkish air defense (in addition to the supply of the S-400, the Turkish industry invests, develops and puts into production constantly new systems).

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