The fearsome firepower stationed in Souda

Six Saudi F-15s landed a few hours ago at the 115th Fighter Wing in Souda for joint training with Greek F-16s. And this is what is happening these days at Souda Air Base.

It is stationed there that the most modern can be demonstrated by the Air Force, namely fighter aircraft with terrifying firepower and with state-of-the-art electronic means. Because in addition to the Saudi F-15s, there are also American F-22s stationed (the invisible fighter that the Americans do not even grant to their allies), which makes flights in Cyprus (even in the occupied territories, irritating the Turks), in Jordan and in Israel. The 4 F-16 Vipers and the F-16 block 52 plus of the Air Force are stationed in Souda.

Two more modernized American C-130s (participating in exercises with the Greek C-130s to avoid radars) and a few weeks ago the American F-35s were stationed in Souda, while in the Souda sea there was an American aircraft carrier with F -18.

This cooperation with Saudi Arabia continues, since next week the A/GETH General Konstantinos Floros will be in Saudi Arabia, invited by the Saudi leader. Together with General Floros, Greek F-16s will fly to Saudi Arabia. Thus, there will be two joint training exercises with the Saudis. One in Crete and one in Saudi Arabia.

SOURCE: Pacemaker
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