Serious possibility that Greece will take the invisible death against Turkey

There is a serious possibility that Greece will take the invisible death against Turkey since the Pentagon is now seriously considering the Israeli LORA super-missiles.

Israel’s LOng Range Attack missile, if it enters the Greek arsenal, will change everything in the possibilities of hitting strategic targets and ships in Turkey.

These are missiles that can be launched quickly from various platforms and destroy critical infrastructures as well as ships at a distance of more than 400 km.

For about two years now, Sportime has been talking about the specific weapon systems from Israel, which change everything in the balance of power between Greece and Turkey.

Turkey against the LORA has to oppose the much-publicized Turkish Bora, but the capabilities of the Israeli missiles cannot be compared with the Turkish one, which is based on Chinese technology and has targeting problems.

Let us now justify the title of this article by explaining why we consider LORAs “invisible death”.

LOng Range Attack ballistics have, as mentioned above, one key feature. That they can be displayed from various platforms.

That is, they can be launched from a Greek warship, e.g. the S-type frigates of the Greek Navy, which will be maintained in the strength of the Greek Fleet, but also by ANY other ship or place in the Greek territory.

That is, a ship (which would not necessarily be one of the Greek frigates or corvettes) could sail off Crete and attempt to shoot at Turkish installations.

The quick transport and placement of the LORAs in their operational area, whether it is in Evros or anywhere else, makes it impossible for them to be detected by the Turkish observation systems.

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So we are literally talking about an invisible enemy of the problematic Turkish air defense.

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