Second nuclear plant in Turkey – Russia’s role

And a second nuclear plant will be built by the Russians in Turkey, with the question being whether Moscow can give nuclear weapons to Ankara.

Ukrainian President Zelensky said that Ukrainian intelligence estimates that Russia has procured about 2,000 Iranian kamikaze drones, with the Ukrainian president adding that Russia could pay Iran with Russian assistance in the Iranian nuclear program.

A few days ago, Turkey conducted a test-fire of a short-range ballistic missile, with Turkish analyst Turan Oguz noting that “Turkey’s first short-range ballistic missile can carry one or more chemical, biological, nuclear and/or conventional warheads.” .

What did the Turkish analyst have in mind when he talked about nuclear warheads?

Is there a chance that Turkey will follow the example of Iran and try (as Tehran is accused by the West) to produce nuclear weapons?

And what will be Russia’s role in this process?

Russia will build two nuclear plants in Turkey. Could the situation with the Russian nuclear infrastructure in Turkey get mixed up?

However, interesting are American publications which, although they do not clearly mention the issue of Turkish nukes, make a reason for additional sanctions against Turkey, if necessary.

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