Red alert in the Aegean for a hot episode in the “Kararlilik 22” exercise

The Navy is on high alert, as Ankara is still flirting with the idea of ​​a hot episode!

Greek-Turkish: At a time when the Turks seem to be preparing a hybrid invasion from the Evros, a large part of the Greek


The occasion is the conduct of the “Kararlilik 22” aeronautical exercise, with most of the Turkish fleet moving in the sea areas of the Hellespont, the Gulf of Smyrna, near the naval base of Aksaz, opposite Rhodes, and the Gulf of Antalya.

The forces of the Turkish Navy consist of a significant number of frigates, destroyers, corvettes, missiles, as well as several auxiliary vessels.

According to the relevant Navtex, although the bulk of the exercises are to take place in the Imbro sea area, the fact that areas have also been

of Greek jurisdiction, to the heart of the Aegean, including in the triangle Ai Strati – Lesbos – Psara, has worried the Greek side.

Thus, ships of our fleet have taken surveillance positions in the Northern Aegean, as there are estimates that the Turks may use the exercise in order to proceed with a provocative action challenging Greek sovereign rights.

As Pentagon officials note, despite the fact that the specific exercise is supposed to be a “search and rescue” exercise, the Turks appear to be gathering significant air force in the area, with the basic scenario of its conduct also foreseeing the use of live fire.

All this, of course, a few hours after Erdogan’s new threats to the Greek islands and Alexandroupolis.

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