Patria, DSL and FFG offer a German variant of the 6×6 CAVS

The Finnish land systems expert Fatherlandalong with German defense suppliers DSL (subsidiary of KNDS) and FFG, announced that they will be working together to offer a German variant of the 6×6 CAVS.

It is hoped that this armored personnel carrier will replace the German Army’s existing Fuchs 1 and 2 systems. Germany currently operates 356 units according to leading information consultancy GlobalData. While Fuchs 1 became operational in 1979, its successor, Fuchs 2, began testing in 2001.

Germany’s estimated contract allocation for the CAVS 6×6 vehicle will be $198.5 million (€184.6 million) over the next ten years, according to GlobalData’s projection.

As a state participating in the CAVS program from 2021, Germany’s main contractor will be Patria if the Bundeswehr Procurement Office decides to give the green light for the new vehicle.

Delivery of the CAVS series began in November 2021 with the delivery of the first system to Latvia, which has ordered more than 200 in total. Germany is now the fifth country to participate in this multinational program. The others are Finland (first), Estonia, Latvia and Sweden.

Patria will lead the design and development of the system, while DSL and FFG maintain it through local engineering, manufacturing and lifecycle support in Germany. As detailed localization preparation begins, the team may engage other German companies in the effort.

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From GlobalData

“We offer to adapt for German needs a cost-effective, fully developed platform – the Patria 6×6 – which is already in production, will be produced by NATO partner countries and produced locally in Germany to meet the high demands and technical Bundeswehr standards,” he said Hugo Vanbockryck, senior vice president, Market Area Europe of Patria.

in text Patria 6x6 CAVS image
From left: Michael Lausen, head of in-house support/specialist technology at FFG. Christoph Cords, CEO of DSL. Jukka Holkeri, executive vice president, global of Patria. and Jörg Kamper, CEO of Jungenthal Wehrtechnik. Credit: Patria.

Features Patria CAVS 6×6

Patria’s CAVS 6×6 Armored Personnel Carrier is a new all-wheel drive combat vehicle. It is the successor to the Patria XA 6×6 Pasi series of armored personnel carriers introduced in the 1980s.

The vehicle provides tactical troop transport capability, advanced protection and exceptional mobility. It can be used for multiple missions, including peacekeeping.

It is 7.5 meters (m) long, 2.5 meters high above the hull and 2.9 meters wide. The maximum combat weight and payload capacity of the vehicle are 24 tons (tonnes) and 8.5 tons respectively. It can accommodate up to three crew members and up to ten combat soldiers.

The CAVS is armed with a variety of weapon systems, including a 7.62 millimeter (mm) machine gun, a 105mm/120mm cannon, and a Patria Nemo 120mm, single-barreled, remote-controlled mortar turret.

The modular protection system of the Patria 6×6 offers standard STANAG level 2 ballistic protection for the occupants. The vehicle can be fitted with a STANAG Level 4 Threat Level Protection Kit to protect against heavy machine gun fire.

A higher level of protection also means more weight, while the CAVS has the advantage of weighing less than half that of a Boxer.

Is Fuchs 2 coming back?

In December 2023, the manufacturer Fuchs, Rheinmetallreceived a major order in the three-digit million euro range for vehicle components to be produced outside of Germany.

“This long-term strategic partnership thus enters a new, promising phase, including the possible export of Fuchs 2 vehicles produced in the partner country.”

Fuchs 2 evolution
Fuchs 2 evolution armored personnel carrier. Credit: Rheinmetall.

The Fuchs 2 has been in the German Army’s inventory for nearly five decades. Around 1,800 Fuchs vehicles have been built to date, which makes the Bundeswehr’s conversion to Patria all the more significant.

Based on the long-standing Fuchs system, the Berlin Security Conference – a forum aimed at promoting common security – suggested that, for CAVS, a modular layout similar to that of Boxer would be chosen, where different variants are built on one platform.

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