Panagiotopoulos: Leaks of information concerning the Armed Forces will be dealt with criminally

Speaking from the floor of the Parliament, Nikos Panagiotopoulos clarified that the penalties for leaking information related to the Armed Forces are now being upgraded.

Thus, those who leak classified information will be prosecuted, according to the Minister of National Defense.

“I have given clear guidelines, so that in the event that such cases are identified (including leaks of classified information to any unauthorized person) they will no longer be dealt with in terms of a disciplinary offense, but a criminal one, as provided by the current Military Penal Code , in order for all of us to assume the responsibilities assigned to us”, he characteristically said.

At the same time, he recalled that “as I have already clarified, the leakage of classified information by anyone, especially when it comes to an Executive of the Armed Forces, to any unauthorized person, on issues related to operational elements or security issues, such as system capabilities, stocks, deployment locations of means of Armed Forces, etc. is unacceptable and troubling” and added:

“During my speech to the Hellenic Parliament, I developed a reasonable reflection and addressed an exhortation for a zero flow of this type of information. Furthermore, I clearly called on the General Staff to take all the necessary actions to investigate any such phenomena”, he then added.

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