Operation “Aegean”: The three steps of Ankara – In the light the scenarios of naval blockade of the islands – Our commands are ready

As the Turkish provocation peaks, both the Special Operations Units and the Amphibious Commandos of our islands raise the level of readiness and appear ready to undertake any mission in the first line of deterrence.

One in the … foam and … one at the bottom are the Greek-Turkish relations in the last days. However, Bahceli’s provocative statements can hardly be ignored.

This time it went so far as to ask Turkey to declare on its own the EEZ in the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean and to submit its maps to the UN as well.

Bahceli also listed his party’s proposals for the “Aegean”. His proposals to the government for the unilateral declaration of an EEZ by Turkey were submitted… publicly, in statements he made at noon on Tuesday, June 13th.

Among other things, the far-right politician spoke about the steps that Ankara must take to secure the islands and islets that it considers to belong to it, at the same time asking for the NAXTEX declaration.

What Bahcelin suggested, as OPEN correspondent in Istanbul Maria Zacharaki reported, is for the Erdogan government to pass a law on Turkey’s maritime jurisdiction immediately. In essence, that is, for Turkey to define its own EEZ in the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean.

According to the Aksam newspaper, Bahceli told his parliamentary group: “Let no one test our patience, otherwise those who dream of bombing the bridges in Istanbul will see that Greece has paid a heavy price in the past.”

“Turkey has reached a decision stage, it has no time to lose.” “We have no land to give, no province to leave, no borders to draw, no state to divide.”

The Turkish media are “silent”

The Turkish media have “escaped” from reality as … they make scenarios for Erdogan’s next moves and talk about … a naval blockade of the Greek islands, in case the troops do not withdraw.

According to Hurriyet director Ahmet Hakan, Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the impression of operating on the islands during his statements during the Efes 2022 military exercise, according to SKAI’s Istanbul correspondent Manolis Kostidis.

The president said in Greece “stop militarization, I’m not kidding”. “This statement gave the impression of a business, but you say it’s the signal of the start of a process,” said Eray Gutsuler, professor of strategic research at Atlinbas University.

In turn, the professor pointed out that this process concerns “the isolation of the islands, their exclusion”. “You can block the entrances and exits of the islands. That is, if Turkey says that these islands were militarized in violation of the Lausanne Treaty, it can block them and say that the blockade will end when the weapons are gone. That is, it does not allow them to procure goods from the rest of the country “, he underlined.

The blue and white commandos are ready

The last large multinational exercise of Special Operations and Special Forces Units “Trojan Footprint” in which the Faculty participated with personnel from Special Operations Units and selected commanders from the USA, United Kingdom, Italy and France was another confirmation that the Greek SOF they have simply risen to the level but are now compared to top NATO Units. It was the top exercise of the Alliance Special Forces in Europe which showed that the Greek Units have well-trained Executives who work at the borders and maybe even more, while now the means they use enable them to undertake any kind of mission.

The Special Operations Land Task Group under Greek control, where the main weight was lifted by the Special Paratroopers Department, organized and executed with absolute success a series of the most complex scenarios of high difficulty. Missions that in real operational conditions would inflict overwhelming blows on the enemy and would give a significant advantage to the regular forces on land, air and sea.

It is characteristic that the Commander of the US 10th Special Forces Group at the end of the exercise stood at the high level of the Greek commandos while now the top NATO Special Operations Units show great interest in the next period to train with the Greek Special Operations Forces. After all, just a few months ago the ETA was evaluated with excellent marks by the NATO Special Operations Headquarters and the special team found by the Mons of Belgium in Greece in order to pass under a “microscope” the leading Special Operations Unit of the newly formed Special Warfare Command.

As the Turkish provocation culminates with the neighbors now directly challenging Greek Sovereignty in the islands of the Eastern Aegean, both the Special Operations Units and the Amphibious Commandos of our islands raise the level of readiness and appear ready to undertake any mission on the front line. And to successfully deal with any possible scenario even on the last remote Greek rock of the Archipelago.

Immediate and crucial reaction with speed and provocation of catastrophic blows even with unorthodox war operations will be the response of the Greek SOF to any action of questioning land. High readiness for fast passage wherever needed, even precautionarily, is a given situation for the Special Operations Units lately, while in the first line of deterrence, the vigilance of the Amphibious Commandos is similar. After all, the reinforcement of the Special Warfare Command with modern armament and means has sharply increased the operational capabilities of the Greek commandos. The Commander-in-Chief of GEETHA, General Konstantinos Floros, places great emphasis on the Special Warfare and has taken care to provide everything that the Faculty Units need in order to be the spearhead for the country’s defense.

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