“Ocean Hit 2022”: Message of cooperation from Greece, France, Britain, Switzerland – Impressed by HAF

The axis of stability and security in Europe is strengthened – The “hawks” of the 330 Squadron were impressed – Shocking images

With Turkey insisting on the dangerous tactics of provocations, endangering peace in the Eastern Mediterranean, our country, with responsibility, seriousness and knowledge of the geopolitical situation, strengthens alliances with “key” countries.

With a basic strategy of continuous diplomatic cooperation and operational readiness and determination against the aggressive practices of Turkey, our country is methodically and rapidly advancing in a series of joint actions with multiple benefits.

In this context, from Monday 13 to Friday 24 June 2022, the Air Force (PA), participated in the exercise “Ocean Hit 2022”, which was conducted at the Landivisiau Air Base in Brittany, France.

In the exercise, which was attended by personnel from France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, our Air Force participated with five (5) F-16 aircraft and similar personnel of the 330 Squadron of the 111th Battle Wing.

During the exercise, air battle scenarios, naval protection and land force support scenarios were performed with increasing difficulty, helping to upgrade the level of cooperation and interoperability between the participants, while a valuable exchange of experience and know-how took place.


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