Israel: Israeli love affair with Greek pilots

Israel: Love of the Israelis with the Greek pilots that is confirmed in every exercise.

Another Israeli-Greek exercise, Frizis Damas 2022 has come to an end and confirms the close cooperation of the two air forces.

The exercise was conducted within the Tel Aviv FIR and was a complete success.

Air-to-air missions and attacks on ground targets were carried out, while aerial refueling was also carried out in Nicosia FIR.

The Israelis have found in the faces of the Greeks capable pilots so that they can improve themselves and why not learn (and let’s learn) things.

The exercises between the two air forces will continue since Israel knows that it can no longer be close to Turkey (by the way, they did similar exercises with the Turks in the past).

Geopolitically as well as militarily, Greece and Israel are closer than ever while the Israelis appreciate the capabilities of the Greek pilots and… want them close to them.

The Greek Air Force participated in the exercise with eight F-16 aircraft of the 115th Fighter Wing and the Israeli Air Force with two F-16s, two F-15Is and two B-707s.

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