Is the Canadian military journal peer reviewed?

The Canadian Military Journal is the official quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal of the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence. It is printed in both official languages in electronic and paper print. The editor-in-chief is David Bashow.

Is Canada’s army any good?

For 2022, Canada is ranked 23 of 142 out of the countries considered for the annual GFP review. It holds a PwrIndx* score of 0.3601 (a score of 0.0000 is considered ‘perfect’).

How do I find someone in the Canadian military?

For a person, go to and put in the person’s name. You may be lucky and find them. If you know the Regiment/Unit/Ship/Wing that the person belonged to in the military, then search the internet for that unit. Most groups have started a web site to keep in touch.

Is Canada’s army growing?

The Canadian Armed Forces is supposed to be adding about 5,000 troops to regular and reserve forces, to meet a growing list of demands, but are instead short more than 10,000 trained members – meaning about one in 10 positions are currently vacant.

What is the most respected journal?

  • Nature – Impact Factor: 42.78.
  • The New England Journal of Medicine – Impact Factor: 74.7.
  • Science – Impact Factor: 41.84.
  • IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition – Impact Factor: 45.17.
  • The Lancet – Impact Factor: 59.1.

What is the best source for military news?

  • Major military publications.

Are Canadian soldiers well paid?

The CAF offers competitive salaries. Your skills, knowledge, experience and training can impact your starting salary. As a new direct entry recruit in the Regular Force, you could earn anywhere from $3,168 to $4,332 per month, while you complete basic training.

Who is Canada’s best soldier?

Léo Major DCM & Bar ( – ) was a Canadian soldier who was the only Canadian and one of only three soldiers in the British Commonwealth to receive the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) twice in separate wars.

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How many nukes does Canada have?

Canada does not have nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or relevant delivery systems, and is a member in good standing of all relevant nonproliferation treaties and regimes.

Can you look up a soldier?

Please use the Defense Manpower Data Center’s (DMDC) Military Verification service to verify if someone is in the military. The website will tell you if the person is currently serving in the military. The site is available 24-hours a day.

How do I track down a soldier?

  • By phone at 1-877-272-7337.
  • Through an online request (You’ll first need to create an account.)
  • Using its Hero Care app on your mobile device.

Can you look up someone’s military record online?

Most military records are on paper or microfilm and you’ll need to request printed copies to be mailed to you. They are not typically available to view online.

How strong is Canada’s army?

The Canadian Armed Forces are a professional volunteer force that consists of approximately 68,000 active personnel and 27,000 reserve personnel, increasing to 71,500 and 30,000 respectively under “Strong, Secure, Engaged”, with a sub-component of approximately 5,000 Canadian Rangers.

Will Canada upgrade its military?

Canada will spend $4.9 billion over the next six years to modernize continental defence, Defence Minister Anita Anand said Monday. Anand delivered the long-awaited announcement on the NORAD upgrade at the Canadian military’s principal air base at Trenton, Ont.

Is the Journal of Military History peer-reviewed?

The Journal of Military History is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering the military history of all times and places. It is the official journal of the Society for Military History. The journal was established in 1937 and the editor-in-chief is Bruce Vandervort (Virginia Military Institute).

Is NRC Research Press peer-reviewed?

Canadian Science Publishing (publisher of the NRC Research Press journals) is an independent publisher devoted to serving the needs of researchers and their communities by publishing peer-reviewed journals and supporting the knowledge-sharing activities of scholarly societies.

Is the Canadian Journal of Education peer-reviewed?

The Canadian Journal of Education (CJE) is a national peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the membership of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education. The CJE prioritizes research and scholarly writing that is of relevance to the Canadian education community.

Is the journal of military medicine peer-reviewed?

Military Medicine is the association’s official bi-monthly journal. Articles published in the journal are peer-reviewed scientific papers, case reports, and editorials.

What are Tier 1 journals?

Tier 1: Peer-reviewed academic publications

Scholarly articles appear in academic journals, which are published multiple times a year to share the latest research findings with scholars in the field. They’re usually sponsored by an academic society.

Are there fake journals?

But the flipside is that the burgeoning field of open access journals has given rise to fake journals, also known as predatory, deceptive, fraudulent, clone, or pseudo-journals (Beall, Nature 2012). These journals are ones that do not engage in peer review and have minimal or little copy edits.

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Is Army Mil credible?

A . mil website belongs to an official U.S. Department of Defense organization. A lock ( A locked padlock ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the . mil website.

Is there a military newspaper?

Stars and Stripes. The U.S. military’s independent news source.

What is the best military site?

  • Fort Carson.
  • Fort Sam Houston.
  • Fort Story.
  • Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.
  • Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
  • Marine Corps Base Hawaii.
  • Naval Base Coronado.
  • Naval Station Mayport.

Do soldiers pay taxes in Canada?

Tax Relief Measures

For members of the Canadian Armed Forces and police officers deployed on international operations. You are not required to pay income tax on money earned while on active duty, whereas previously this was based on the risk levels of your mission.

Is the Canadian military hard?

It may be the most demanding experience you have ever had and requires hard work and perseverance. Courses emphasize basic military skills, weapons handling, first aid and ethical values. Since physical fitness is an important part of military service, a large part of the course is spent on fitness training.

What is the most elite military unit in Canada?

Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2) is an extremely high-readiness and precise special operations forces unit. JTF 2 exists to protect the Canadian national interests and combat terrorism and threats to Canadians at home and abroad.

Does Canada have a secret army?

The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) is a high-readiness organization, able to deploy special operations forces on very short notice to protect Canadians from threats at home and abroad.

What army protects Canada?

The Canadian Army is the land component of the Canadian Armed Forces. We train and provide forces to protect and defend Canada.

What Canadian cities would be hit in a nuclear war?

The most probable Canadian targets would be Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie, Ottawa, Montreal, Windsor and Halifax. Because of their limited stock of A-bombs, the Russians would not likely consider any other target worth hitting in the initial surprise attack.

Is Canada protected against nuke?

Canada strongly supports the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). Its entry into force is a key component of the step-by-step approach to nuclear disarmament and of nuclear non-proliferation. The CTBT prohibits all nuclear explosions, including nuclear weapon tests.

Does Canada have protection against nukes?

Canada is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has historically advocated for disarmament. However, Canada is also protected by American nuclear weapons as a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Are Army records public?

If the Veteran was discharged more than 62 years ago, you can order a copy of their military records. The National Archives opens all records to the public 62 years after discharge. If the Veteran was discharged less than 62 years ago, you may be able to request limited information from their Military Personnel File.

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