Greek-Turkish: The missiles that pierce the Turkish military are prepared for war

Greek-Turkish: The missiles that dislodge the Turkish warships from their cover areas are prepared for war.

One piece of news that went viral is the maintenance of the Penguin MK2 Mod 7 which was assigned to the Norwegian company Kongsberg (also manufacturer of the well-known NSM).

Kongsberg made the Penguin MK2 Mod war-ready that have been certified on the Greek Aegean Hawk S-70 helicopters which were also in service on the older missile launchers of the Greek P.N..

It is of particular importance to mention certain characteristics of the specific missiles, which differ from the rest of the anti-ship missiles in the fact that although they have a shorter range, the way of guiding the projectile is excellent.

In fact, the Penguin MK2 Mod 7 can bypass natural obstacles and hit a ship that is hiding behind an insular mass (ie rock island).

This characteristic is ideal for the Aegean environment, where there are scattered thousands of islands and islets.

Surely the war-ready Penguin MK2 Mod 7 will be another weapon in the quiver of the Greek P.N..

Penguin MK2 Mod 7 have a range of 34+ km.
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