Greek-Turkish: The anti-drone shield has not yet been activated in the Aegean – Thoughts for immediate activation

The Greek anti-drone dome has entered the final stretch of their activation. How exactly will it work?

Greek-Turkish: The response from Greece to the systematic violation of its airspace by Turkey through unmanned drone-type aircraft will be dynamic.

The activation of the anti-drone shield in the Aegean, which will intercept Turkish drone attacks in the country’s National Airspace, is expected to happen soon at a time when the Turks seem to be preparing a hot episode in the Aegean and Evros.

According to the daily GEETHA bulletin, which shows many violations, this system is not yet in operation, but there is a general assessment that the Greek Pentagon seeks to send its message to Ankara directly and through actions and not an announcement.

But the thoughts show that in the near future the system which will be able to locate the drones and divert them from their course will be activated.

Greek-Turkish: How exactly will the system work

The system, which will apparently operate soon in Greece, detects UAV vehicles destined for the Greek airspace and has the ability to interfere with their course and even their software.

Thus the Turkish UAVs will be diverted before they can even enter our country’s airspace.

The previous months have been used for the proper study and preparation of acquisition and installation of the specific systems with the presentations from France and Israel for the drone dome standing out.

In fact, the potential of drone done was seen up close by the head of GEETHA, Konstantinos Floros, during his visit to Israel.

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This particular 360-degree radar system has the ability to detect enemy aircraft in time and, by interfering, interrupt their communication with the ground, putting them out of battle.

It should be noted that Cyprus is preparing to activate a similar system, while Greece is responding with its own French drones, which come at a shock price.

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