General Kostarakos: If the Turks do not show restraint, we will mourn civilian victims with drones

A real dimension to the Turkish misery of overflights.

A stern message to Turkey and the irresponsibility it displays was sent by the honorary head of GEETHA, General Michael Dimitriou Kostarakos, talking about the continuous overflights, emphasizing that if the Turks want to show air power, let them do it by flying over their own heads.

In a post on the occasion of a part of Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s speech in the Congress, the General, honorary A / GEETHA and former Chairman of the Military Committee of the European Union, Michael Costarakos describes some scenarios that can become a reality due to a possible mistake of the Turks. drones and cause hundreds of casualties.

“We will not tolerate violations of our sovereignty and overflying over inhabited islands, which must be stopped immediately,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis in a speech to Congress. of his people.

But in order to give a real dimension to the Turkish misery of overflights, I invite you to focus on the following image: inside an air-conditioned cage or an air-conditioned container, at a Central Asian air base, a young Turkish officer in a uniform resembling a uniform but not exactly the same, holding a coffee or tea, or having it left in front of it, operates a console with a control (Joy stick) much like the ones we have in video games. In front of it is a screen that depicts in depth alternating ground (land-sea) and a settled place where the roofs with red tiled roofs and terraces alternate intermittently by unexpectedly tall trees, domes, bell towers, and masts, with perhaps a whiter and whiter building. .

The young Turkish officer is piloting a drone that makes a pro-flight flight to a Greek residential area. This is a clearly forbidden action that reaches the limits of terrorism because it is prohibited by the global anti-terrorist protocol RENEGADE, because in fact it is an extremely dangerous action. If this drone (which is actually a small aircraft) has a technical fault (not at all difficult), or the pilot (who is certified by anyone other than the Turkish Air Force) loses control, or his coffee falls on the console, or is seized from being anti-Greek or being pressured or persuaded as part of a premeditated provocation, and drone it into a market, a school or a church, we can mourn hundreds of victims at once, a sacrifice in Mr Erdogan’s new Ottoman dreams.

But I think we need to make it clear to friends and allies and to NATO that it is concerned about its cohesion at the expense of its security? if it comes from the allies themselves. Maybe now is the time to pull more threads and why not leashes to ensure the cohesion and continuity of the south wing by all involved and not to the detriment of the safety of Greek civilians .. What Mr. Mitsotakis explained to Congress is that when the Greek citizen hears jet engines crossing the air and raises his head he should see only blue and white wings and emblems. If the Turks want to demonstrate their air power, let them do so by flying from Turkish heads, so that they can all feel proud together and glorify their aviation.

The Greeks want security and above their heads must be avoided the entanglements and the chases and the air battles. There is no war in progress. If there is an accident under any circumstances in case of proximity to a residential area, the losses of innocent civilians will be unbearable and unacceptable. The differences between manned (normal) aircraft and drones are of course that the pilot of the aircraft “plays” his life in all his options, while the reassured pilot of the drone, plays with the life of our compatriots. I am really surprised by this choice of the Turkish political and military leadership of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which in the context of the new Ottoman revisionism does not hesitate to risk overflights possible by mistake (and their own absolute responsibility) losses of dozens of Greeks, to declare their policy dissatisfaction or annoyance or possibly power (?).

If such a thing happens, as they often say, in their beloved expression, the Greek blood will not remain on the ground and the NATO cohesion as well as the southern wing of NATO will be a de facto memory. Let the Turkish reviewers be careful as long as it is time and before something tragic and inaccessible happens, because we Greeks are not expendable for Mr. Erdogan to show his annoyance and apathy towards our people and our government. “I believe that the Turkish (as far as I know from the past) military leaderships, as well as the diplomatic ones, can understand all this more easily and explain them convincingly where necessary.”

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