Fenekos: “In a possible battle in the Aegean, Greece will defeat Turkey” (vid)

Vice-Admiral Stelios Fenekos expressed the certainty that if Greece and Turkey face off in the Aegean, our country will prevail.

There is a lot of talk about what will happen in a potential military conflict between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean. The Admiral in retirement, Stelios Fenekos, declares that he is convinced that Greece will be the winner in such an eventuality.

In recent years, our country has significantly strengthened both its armed forces (acquisition of Rafale, frigates, tanks) and its alliances with powerful countries, such as the USA, France and Egypt.

On the contrary, Turkey has lagged a bit behind, as the sanctions that have been imposed on it by some countries and especially the USA in the matter of upgrading the F-16 Viper.

Even so, the insolent Erdogan Government continues to challenge the Greek side at every opportunity and demand the demilitarization of the Aegean islands, for a specific reason that Sportime informed you about.

It is characteristic that in today’s (21/10) publication, the Turks went so far as to request the demilitarization of Thassos, continuing the threats of war.

Retired vice-admiral Stelios Fenekos, speaking to “naftemporiki”, analyzed Erdogan’s plan and what he wants to achieve with our country.

Mr. Fenekos quoted all the facts and explained why in a possible war conflict in the Aegean, the most likely winner is Greece.

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