Erdoğan is unstoppable! He ordered two new military bases in Syria

A complex of Turkish naval and land bases encircle the richest part of the Eastern Mediterranean, while at the same time Turkey is preparing for future annexation of Syrian territories.

The Turkish army plans to establish two more military bases in the northern regions of Aleppo and Idlib province in Syria, reports an Iranian news agency.

Military sources in northern Syria refer to Erdogan’s decision ordering the Turkish military to build two more military bases in Aleppo province, in addition to dozens of other bases that have been set up in recent years, but the difference is that these are to remain permanently. as the Turks change the population of the area by expelling the Kurds and bringing in Turkmens with the aim of future annexation to the model of the province of Alexandretta in 1939.

Turkey’s plan provokes the entire Middle East and Israel, which is seeking a rapprochement with Ankara

According to an Iranian source, the two military bases are planned to be established near the Deir Balut and al-Ghazawieh passes, which connect the northern areas of Aleppo with Idlib province.

“Turkish forces have been stationed at the site where these two bases are to be built, but construction has not yet started,” an Iranian military source said.

The purpose of the construction of the Turkish bases seems to be ostensibly, to monitor the departure of the elements of the Al-Nusra terrorist front, but in fact it is an extension of the Turkish border of the heartland of the Turkish president towards the Syrian territory based on the National Oath project.

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Turkish-backed groups control the border area in the north of Syria’s Aleppo province, and this area includes the cities of Jarablus, Afrin, al-Bab and Azaz.

Erdogan’s real plans in the Eastern Mediterranean

We remind you that Turkey is creating a navy near Famagusta, which, in combination with those of Alexandretta and Misrata in Libya, will control the entire Eastern Mediterranean so that Turkish interests are not harmed.

This in itself is a stark challenge to Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Egypt, and must surely be answered by the creation of a joint air force when the construction of the East Med pipeline begins.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking recently after trying to explain Turkish military interventions in Cyprus, the wider Eastern Mediterranean and Iraq, as well as his support for Hamas, showed that he is seeking neo-Ottoman grandeur and that will not do him any good. allowed.

Ankara is primarily interested in the Eastern Mediterranean region, wanting to strengthen its presence vis-à-vis Greece, Egypt and Israel, moving in a middle superpower logic, wanting to “give strict orders to shippers”.

Turkey is dangerously upgrading its presence and this causes concern in all countries, in the region and beyond.

The Erdogan regime is acting destabilizingly with very dangerous plans. Turkey has set up a surveillance network, in other words espionage, with drones from Thrace to the Eastern Mediterranean and in other areas, while expanding its military bases in both Libya and Somalia and Qatar.

Turkey is clearly threatening the entire Eastern Mediterranean and all the countries of the region, exercising its well-known neo-Ottoman policy, for this reason it is estimated that the time has come for everyone, inside the Mediterranean and outside, to activate as soon as possible.

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