Dismantling a criminal organization active in the illegal entry of immigrants from Turkey to Kos and facilitating their exit from the country

Following the utilization of information by the EYP in collaboration with the Port Authority of Kos, ten (10) Irregular Entrants were identified, who lacked travel documents and were disembarked in the seaside area “PSALIDI” of Kos by an inflatable boat, where they were transported by a F/G vehicle in a place where they would remain until they were transported inland and possibly to European countries. The aforementioned individuals were split into two groups. The first group of five (05) people, accompanied by two foreigners aged 23 and 67, pretending to be smugglers, were spotted at the port of Mastichari, Kos, with the aim of promoting them to the island of Kalymnos and having six (06) ferry tickets in their possession for the aforementioned route. The above two alleged traffickers were arrested by officers of the Port Authority of Kos with the assistance of staff from the Kardamena Port Station.

Subsequently, the Port Authority of Kos located the second group of five (05) P.E.P., in a private car repair shop in the “Pyli” area of ​​Kos, where it carried out a legal search inside it and located them in a garage near the workshop. In addition, five foreigners aged 40, 31, 26, 29 and 30 years old, alleged to be traffickers, were located and arrested at the said car repair shop.

With the assistance of executives of the Security and Border Protection Directorate (DAPTHAS), the E.Y.P. and the executives of the Security Department of the Port Authority of Kos, the manner of action of the above arrested persons was investigated. The main organizer of the criminal group is a foreign person who resides in Turkeyhowever, has recruited the above seven (07) arrested with the purpose of receiving them from the point of entry into Greek territory, hiding them and then further promoting them inland.

The seven (07) foreigners arrested are being prosecuted for violating articles 29 & 30 of Law 4251/2014 “CODE OF IMMIGRATION AND SOCIAL INTEGRATION AND OTHER PROVISIONS” and article 187 of the Criminal Code. “CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION”.

The Kos Port Authority, which is conducting the preliminary investigation, found after a check in the coastal area “PSALIDI” n.

The Maritime Border Security and Protection Directorate, in collaboration with the Port Authority of Kos, analyzes and processes in depth all the evidence that has emerged and investigates the possible extension of the activities of the members of the criminal organization in question to other islands of the Eastern Aegean, as well as their cooperation with other members of organized circles with the same or similar criminal activities.

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