Arms Industries ‘War’: Russian Defense Industry Evaluates Western Weapons Systems

Shoigu harsh criticism: US Javelin anti-tanks are not as good as the West claims

A harsh message is being sent by the Russian forces… to the US, Europe and the West as a whole. In particular, they consider that the weapons supplied by the Western countries to Ukraine are for garbage, they characterize the anti-tank American Javelin as mediocrity, while they claim that the hypersonic Kinzhal missile is currently the best manufactured in the war industry…

In the past, the West, constructing conspiracy scenarios, sometimes said that Russia’s defense minister Shoigu has been downgraded, sometimes that… he has a health problem, and sometimes that the Putin system… has ostracized him…

The truth is that propaganda always dominates a war, so the insiders are not misled by deliberate inaccuracies or deliberate lies.

Shoigu harsh criticism: US Javelin anti-tanks are not as good as the West claims

Russian Defense Minister S. Shoigu believes that the US Javelin man-portable anti-tank missiles (ATGMs) are not as good as the Americans claim.

We analyzed the same M777 howitzers.
Very capricious, difficult to repair.

They are good, beautiful, when everything is clean and tidy, i.e. in exhibitions.

But in combat operations, the M777 Howitzer is very capricious.

Unlike ours, by the way, to say our systems are easy to maintain, to repair.

The same goes for Javelin man-portable anti-tank missiles (ATGMs).

Well, they’re not as good as, say the Americans who sell them.

We have learned how to deal with them, we know them, we understand them, we see them.

But the Javelins have a range almost twice that of the Kornet which is the equivalent Russian man-portable anti-tank system.

The Javelin ATGM was developed by a joint venture between Raytheon TI System and Lockheed Martin in 1989.

The anti-tank system is designed to destroy main battle tanks and armored vehicles at a distance of up to 2.5 km, it works on the “fire and forget” principle when fired with the target set… there can be no change of direction.

The first batch of Javelin arrived in Ukraine on April 30, 2018.

In March 2018, the State Department approved the transfer to Ukraine of 210 missiles and 37 launchers worth $47 million.

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In January-February 2022, the United States delivered 9 military aid packages to Ukraine, including Javelin anti-tank missiles.

In addition, on January 20, the United States allowed Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to supply Ukraine with Javelin and Stinger anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems manufactured by the United States.

The M777 is a 155mm towed howitzer. developed by the British company BAE Systems and replaces the heavier M198 howitzers in service with the US Army.

It is also available to the Australian, Canadian, Indian, Saudi Arabian and Ukrainian militaries. They were used for the first time during the fighting in Afghanistan.

The firing range of the M777 with a conventional missile is about 25 km and with a special missile up to 40 km.

The military departments of Canada, the United States and Australia announced the supply of such weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

On May 18, 2022, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of US-made M777 howitzers by strike drones, which were used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​the Podgornoye settlement.

The Russian military industry is evaluating Western weapons systems

Russian experts are carefully studying Western military equipment seized by the Russians in Ukraine and are also developing ways to discover the weaknesses of those systems … so that Russian systems can counter them, the Russian defense minister said

“Of course, both our science and Russia’s industry are dealing with these Western weapons seized by the Russian army in Ukraine.

We look from two sides.
The first is the ability to deal with these weapons.
On the other hand, let’s discover their main disadvantages.

Russian Defense Minister S. Shoigu clarified that weapons such as the M-777 man-portable howitzer, the HIMARS multiple launch missile system, the NLAW and Javelin anti-tank missile systems, the Stinger anti-aircraft missile system, small arms and armored vehicles were seized.

From the weapons systems of the West, the Russians say, there were no surprises…

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The West gives garbage to Ukraine

In addition, Russian Defense Minister S. Shoigu noted that Ukraine is being fed “garbage” from Western warehouses.

In particular, from Poland – T-72 tanks, which were manufactured with the permission of the Russian armored forces and many other systems.

The best thing in the world is the Kinzhal supersonic missile

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation used the Kinzhal hypersonic missile three times during a special operation in Ukraine.

It was used by Russian forces during a special military operation three times.

And three times he showed his brilliant features.

According to the Russian Defense Minister, no such missile in the world has such characteristics as “Dagger”.

In fact, no one else has such a missile: supersonic, and with such speed, and with such penetrating capabilities. It can neither be detected nor intercepted, Russian Defense Minister S. Shoigu said

The hypersonic Kinzhal missile hits particularly important targets and is practically impossible to detect.

Russian Defense Minister S. Shoigu recalled that the hypersonic Kinzhal missile is capable of accelerating up to over Mach 10, while changing its trajectory both vertically and horizontally.

What is Kinzhal hypersonic missile?

The Kinzhal hypersonic missile is the newest Russian hypersonic air ballistic missile that can be integrated into the MIG-31K warplanes.

The Kinzhal missile remains almost invisible to radars and has high maneuverability, it is designed to destroy land and sea targets.

The speed is 10 times faster than the speed of sound.

It has a range – more than 2 thousand kilometers and has a revolutionary maneuvering system at all points of its trajectory, which allows it to overcome all air defense and missile defense systems.

Kinzhal hypersonic missile is equipped with conventional and nuclear warheads.

The weight of the head can reach up to 500 kg.

The Kinzhal hypersonic missile has been in the experimental stage of the Russian Armed Forces since December 2017.

Officially, the first use of these missiles in war took place on March 18, 2022, during a special military operation in Ukraine

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