Accuracy check: Who will get 250 euros in December – The conditions

Vulnerable groups of citizens will receive an accuracy check of 250 euros until December 31, 2022, as stated in a relevant bill of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs that was submitted for public consultation.

This is a measure announced by the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the TIF. It is recalled that a corresponding allowance was given in April 2022, however the differences with the current accuracy check are that the amount increases to 250 euros from 200 euros that was previously, while at the same time the income and property criteria are broadened in order to cover more vulnerable people pensioners.

The following are mentioned in detail in the bill:

a. In particular, with regard to vulnerable pensioners, potential beneficiaries of the aid are those who in the month of November 2022 receive:

Permanent or temporary main pension or advance main pension due to old age, disability or death

Pre-retirement benefit
Disability benefits (those paid by e-EFKA)

Also included are retired persons who receive a pension from the General Accounting Office of the State in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 of article 4 of Law 4387/2016 (war disabled, artists, etc.)

In order to determine the final beneficiaries, it will be considered that the following conditions are cumulatively met:

The annual individual taxable income for the tax year 2022 does not exceed 9,600 euros (from 7,200 previously)

Their annual family taxable income (the sum of the taxable incomes of the debtor and his/her spouse/cohabiting partner) does not exceed 16,800 euros (from 14,400 previously)

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The total value of the household’s real estate resulting from the ENFIA administrative determination act for the year 2022 (tax year 2021), does not exceed the amount of 300,000 euros (from 200,000 previously)

They are tax residents of Greece and have submitted an income tax return for the tax year 2021

The amount of the aid per beneficiary is 250 euros, regardless of the number of dependent members. In case both spouses are beneficiaries of the aid, then the aid is paid to both. If the beneficiary receives a pension from both e-EFKA and GLK, the aid is paid by e-EFKA.

b. With regard to the granting of extraordinary financial aid to the approximately 174,000 beneficiaries of OPECA’s disability allowance, it is predicted that for December welfare benefits in cash will be increased by 250 euros.

c. It is also foreseen that the monthly pension of uninsured senior citizens and the social solidarity allowance of uninsured senior citizens will be granted an additional 250 euros to the approximately 36,000 beneficiaries. It is clarified that if a low-income pensioner of the EFKA is also a beneficiary of a disability or other OPECA allowance, he will only receive the low-income pensioner’s support.

d. With the aim of supporting the beneficiaries of the Minimum Guaranteed Income, i.e. households living in conditions of extreme poverty, a double installment will be granted in December to its approximately 225,000 beneficiaries.

e. The one-time financial support for December of families receiving child benefit is also foreseen, which corresponds to one and a half additional monthly installments of child benefit. The amount of the aid amounts to 105 or 63 or 42 euros for each child for the first and second child, depending on the amount of income, and to 210 or 126 or 84 from the third and for each subsequent child. The extraordinary installment is paid until December 31 to the beneficiaries of the allowance during the fifth two months of 2022. A corresponding extraordinary installment is paid to the other new beneficiaries of the 2022 allowance, after their application has been approved.

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