YETHA: “TPC No7 will join the Fleet in the fall” – What he said about Shipyards and submarines [vid]

New extension of 3 months for the completion of the construction of the “Roussin” type missile boat (TPK no.7) at the Elefsina shipyards and the completion of the remaining works and sea trials on the 4 submarines (“Pipinos”, “Matrozos”, ” Katsonis”, type 214 as well as the upgraded submarine “Oceanos”, type 209) at the Greek Shipyards Skaramanga (the previous ones expired on June 30) provide for two provisions of the Ministry of National Defense, which were included in the bill of the Ministry of Environment & Energy on the subject:

“Provisions for the simplification of environmental licensing, establishing a framework for the development of Offshore Wind Farms, dealing with the energy crisis, environmental protection and other provisions” voted by the Parliament.

As the Minister of National Defense, Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, said, for the completion of the shipbuilding project, additional funding of 3,075,000 euros and 10,300,000 euros will be required, respectively, to cover payroll and employee insurance contributions, operating expenses, staff movement services, technical support and materials. Mr. Panagiotopoulos announced that sea trials are about to begin in TPC No. 7 so that it will join the Fleet in the fall.


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