YETHA to P.O.E.S. – The intention of the political leadership is to re-study the salaries of executives with the aim of more rationally redressing existing injustices.

On the occasion of numerous documents of our Federation and the Evros Regional Military Union (E.S.PE.E.E.), regarding the remuneration of night services and the allowance of patrols to prevent migratory flows, and the question submitted on the subject to BtE, in the context of the parliamentary audit, the member of parliament of Evros of the Hellenic Solution, Mr. Papadakis Paraschos, the Minister of Health, Mr. Nikolaos Dendias, responded as follows:
In response to the relevant Question, I know the following:
The general policy for the paid salaries-compensations of the ED staff, in terms of their time and amount, is determined by the Ministry of National Economy and Finance, in conjunction with the course of budget execution, per General Staff (GE), and the respective fiscal conditions.
The competent departments of the GIs fully apply the legal framework as it applies, while paying the subject compensations to the entitled staff as soon as possible, upon presentation of the required supporting documents. For example, the crews of the Warships, which carry out Operation Protection of the Eastern Aegean Islands, are paid the Special Working Conditions Allowance in accordance with the provisions of paragraph B of article 127 of Law 4472/2017 (Α΄74) and the Minister of Finance and National Defense (B΄1425). Finally, the intention of the political leadership is to re-study the salaries of the executives with the aim of the most rational restoration of existing injustices.

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