With 10 “Davids” the border guards in Evros are reinforced: these are the new armored vehicles

PHOTO: The “Davids” are the armored cars that the Greek border guards have at their disposal

Mina Karamitrou

They are called “David” and they are the 10 armored cars that in recent days the Greek border guards have at their disposal to strengthen their patrols along the river Evros.

They weigh almost four tons and withstand any type of war rifle as well as grenades.

The armored jeep type cars have recently been procured by the Greek police and are a great “weapon” in the hands of the Greek authorities for the battle on our northern border.

They are a key part in the implementation of the operational arm for stream pressure.

They can move in places that only vehicles can move, such as swamps and streams and have the ability to take part in armed pursuit.

They are already patrolling near the fence on a 24-hour basis while it is planned to move them to any point needed to deal with a difficult situation.

Within the next few days, it is expected to start an effort for the electronic shielding of the Evros fence, while, given that winter is coming and the waters in the river are expected to rise considerably, one of the main prevention measures will be boat patrols in the river Evros.

In fact, according to information, there is an investigation by operational officers in northern Greece for the possibility of buying even unmanned boats.

The installation of this complete surveillance system is proceeding at a rapid pace, while the new fence to be built along the entire length of our border will include the most sophisticated surveillance systems.

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The design envisages “buttoning” the fence system with the electronic surveillance systems that the boats will have on their patrols.


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