Why Libya is developing into a #1 national security risk

How Turkey acquires the ability to attack Greece from all four directions

Libya will pose the greatest risk to Greece’s national security since the Turks are already using the large Al-Watiya air base in Nuqat Al Hams, near the border with Tunisia, and are building a naval base for the Turkish Navy in Misrata.

Turkey’s strategic encirclement of Greece is based on Ankara’s “use” of Libyan military infrastructure.

Libya will be used by Turkey against Greece just as Belarus was used by Russia to enter its forces into Ukraine.

Libya will not officially go to war with Greece but they will hand over their lands for Turkey to use for attacks against Greece.

The naval base in Misrata will be ready at the end of 2023, while the Turks already have a permanent squadron with two frigates in the area between Crete and Libya.

Misrata has a population of 550,000 and 2/3 are Turkolivians, i.e. people of Ottoman origin who were brought by the Ottoman Empire as settlers to the North African country.

Ankara has signed a concession agreement with the Government of National Accord (of Tripoli) under Prime Minister F. Saratz, which government is also recognized by the Greek government of Mitsotakis, for the creation of a Turkish naval base in the city of Misrata, according to which it will be under Turkish control for a period of 99 years.

In fact, the same agreement has been signed by Qatar, which means that Greece will also have to deal with the presence of a country allied to Turkey, even if indirectly.

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Turkey has also signed an agreement to gain full control of the modern Al-Watiya base, just 125 km from the Mediterranean coast, which GNA militias and Turkish special forces captured two years ago.

The forces of the “Libyan National Army” used it to launch attacks against Tripoli with Su-22 aircraft, but with its capture, Khalifa Haftar’s aggressive actions in Tripoli effectively ended.

The strategic implications for Greece from the use of this base are unfavorable.

This is because the base will be a “perfect” base for the Turkish Air Force. For the first time, Turkey is getting an airbase, almost intact, with all the provisions for repositioning fighter jets and UAVs.

It has all the “specifications” that an air base should have (aircraft shelters, fuel, ammunition, maintenance infrastructure, etc.).

From there the Turks will be able to hit the western Peloponnese airfields at Andravida, Araxos and Kalamata.

The Greek defense is not oriented towards the west but only towards the east.

We remind you that the new modernized F-16 Block 70 Viper will be stationed at Araxos and Andravida.

The Turks from Libya will be able to strike even at 115 AM 115 in Souda.

If we take into account that Albania has granted the Avlona submarine base for permanent use by Turkish submarines, then it becomes clear that Greece has been completely surrounded.

In short they will be able to do combined business from four directions!

Greece is getting a very important problem from the west as the permanent Turkish naval force that will be established there will be a threat to Western Greece and Crete.

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“Considering the increase of Greece’s challenges in the eastern Mediterranean, the presence of the Turkish Navy in Libya is considered strategic. Therefore, the port of Misrata is expected to turn into a permanent naval base for Turkey”, reports the pro-government newspaper “Yeni Safak” in 2020, which echoes the government’s positions (basically announces them).

Let’s also say that this sea area of ​​Misrata is considered the richest in oil reserves in the Libyan sea.

“The presence of Turkish ships is considered necessary for the safety of the drilling in the area,” the publication points out.

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