Which is the focus of the Greek interest in the Black Hawk

Our country is interested in acquiring one of the most modern transport helicopters in the world.

On Wednesday, July 6, a presentation was made to members of the GES by representatives of the company TRADE – TECI. This presentation was about the American-made Black Hawk helicopters, which seem to be of interest to our country. This fact became known through a statement by the Greek Ministry of Defense.

What Is Black Hawk?

The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk (“black hawk”) is a four-rotor, twin-engine medium-lift military helicopter manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft. The company won the US Army’s Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System (UTTAS) competition in 1972.

The helicopter is named after the Native American war chief, Black Hawk. The UH-60A replaced the Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters and entered service with the nation’s military in 1979. It is the only rotary-rotor aircraft in service with all five branches of the US armed forces. Later, other versions were adopted, such as electronic warfare version and special operations version.

Utility versions have also been developed, such as the improved UH-60L and UH-60M. Modified versions have also been developed for the US Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. In general, the Black Hawk has achieved considerable success in the markets, having been exported to many countries as well. These helicopters have served in conflicts in Panama, Iraq, Somalia, the Balkans, Afghanistan and parts of the Middle East.


The Black Hawk is capable of carrying various weapons, including machine guns, Hellfire anti-tank guided missiles and the Stinger air-to-air missile. It can also carry unguided rocket pods, or even mine-laying pods. There is also a version, the MH-60L, which is used by the US Special Operations Aviation (SOA) as an infiltration helicopter. This essentially means that this version is used as a normal attack helicopter.

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The versatility of this platform has contributed significantly to the aircraft’s huge export and adoption success.

Over 350 Black Hawks have been exported to various countries around the world. Some countries that attempt them in large numbers are Australia, Colombia, Japan (manufactures it under license), South Korea and neighboring Turkey.

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