When was National Defence Fund established?


How much land India lost to China in 1962 war?

As for India, in addition to the 38,000 sq km of territory in Aksai Chin that it lost to China in the 1962 war, it claims another 5,300 sq km in the Shaksgam Valley of Jammu and Kashmir that Pakistan occupied in 1947-48 and ceded to China in 1963 (The Hindu, ).

Who is the Chairperson of the National Defence Fund of India?

The Fund is administered by an Executive Committee, with PM as Chairperson, and Defence, Finance and Home Ministers as Members. Finance Minister is the Treasurer of the Fund and the Joint Secretary, PMO dealing with the subject is Secretary of the Executive Committee.

How do I donate to National Defence Fund?

The fund accepts online contributions. Such contributions can be made through the website i.e. ndf.gov.in, pmindia.gov.in and www.onlinesbi.com website of State Bank of India. Collection account number is 11084239799 with State Bank of India, Institutional Division, 4th Floor, Parliament Street, New Delhi.

Who started NDA in India?

It was founded in 1998 and currently controls the government of India as well as the government of 15 Indian states, and 1 Union Territories. Seats in State Legislative Assemblies . Its first chairman was Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. L. K.

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Who started National Defense Act?

On , Quezon, then already President of the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines, signed it into law as Commonwealth Act Number 1 otherwise known as the National Defense Act of 1935.

Did Russia help India in 1962?

In 1962 the Soviet Union agreed to transfer technology to co-produce the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 jet fighter in India, which the Soviet Union had earlier denied to China. In 1965 the Soviet Union served successfully as a peace broker between India and Pakistan after the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

Who controlled Aksai Chin before 1962?

Map of India showing Aksai Chin that was illegally occupied by China during 1950s and consolidated in 1962 war.

Why did India give Aksai Chin to China?

The Indian discovery of the road and objection to the Chinese presence in the sector was one of the factors leading to sharp border clashes between the two countries in 1962. At the conclusion of the conflict, China retained control of about 14,700 square miles (38,000 square km) of territory in Aksai Chin.

Who is the director of NDC?

Brigadier General Obinna Onubogu is currently the College’s Director of Higher Management Organization and Operations. In this capacity, he supports the policy and academic directives of the Commandant NDC and the Deputy Commandant/Director of Studies.

What are the 5 departments of defense?

The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force and Coast Guard are the armed forces of the United States.

What is the new name of defence Ministry of India?

The Department of Military Affairs (DMA):

The Department of Military Affairs (DMA) is headed by Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) as Secretary and was created to facilitate optimal utilization of resources and promote jointness among the three Services.

Which donation is eligible for 100% deduction?

Donations to the Government or to any such local authority, institution or association as may be approved in this behalf by the Central Government, to be utilised for the purpose of promoting family planning are entitled for 100 percent deduction subject to qualifying limit of 10 percent of adjusted gross total income.

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How much should one donate?

Some religions prescribes 2.5 percent of personal wealth, while others put it at 10 percent of income or annual produce. How much to donate is however a personal choice. While you may or may not follow any rules, it is always a good idea to donate, according to your capacity and without stretching your finances.

How do I claim Prime Minister Relief fund?

(a) At Prime Minister’s Office, South Block, in cash and through postal order, cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund and through BHIM App/UPI (VPA : [email protected]) .

Where is India’s first national defence established?

Subrahmanyam, the proposal was approved by the Union Cabinet in 2010, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh laid the foundation stone of the Indian National Defence University (INDU) at Binola in Gurgaon on .

When was total Defence first introduced?

Since its launch in 1984, Total Defence has rallied Singaporeans together in responding to challenges that threaten Singapore’s independence and well-being, such as terrorism, SARS and economic downturns.

Who founded the Children’s Defense Fund in 1973?

Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president emerita of the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), has been an advocate for disadvantaged Americans for her entire professional life. Under her leadership, CDF has become the nation’s strongest voice for children and families.

Why was awes established?

To meet the requirement, Army Welfare Education Originisation (AWEO) was created under Adjutant General’s Branch. This organization was registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 on as Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) being a statutory requirement for affiliation to CBSE.

Who is NDA topper?

UPSC NDA 2022 Final Result: While Rubin Singh is the overall topper, two female candidates – Anushka Anil Borde and Vaishnavi Gorde – are in second and third places, respectively.

What was the main purpose of NDEA?

The National Defense Education Act of 1958 became one of the most successful legislative initiatives in higher education. It established the legitimacy of federal funding of higher education and made substantial funds available for low-cost student loans, boosting public and private colleges and universities.

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