When are the first Marder 1A3s coming?

From Savvas D. Vlassis

On July 14, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour, Transport and Digitization of the federal state of Lower Saxony, Dr. Berd Altusman, visited the facilities of Rheinmetall, which is considered an important factor in the development of the state, in combination with the approximately 2,550 jobs it secures.

The news of Greek interest that emerged, came from the information provided by the CEO of the company, Armin Papperger, to the minister, regarding the progress of the restoration work of the Marder Armored Fighting Vehicles, related to an exchange agreement with Greece for the aid of Ukraine with war material. According to the update, by September, around 30 vehicles will be ready for delivery.

On July 8, the three-member commission of officers of the Greek Army that had gone to the company’s facilities in Underloos, in order to inspect the Marders there, returned to Greece and was more than satisfied with the perfect condition in which they were found. Photos from the inspection of the Greek officers are presented on this occasion.

To date the company has completed work on 7 vehicles (if the photo with Minister Altusman outside the large hangar is taken into account), which means that, taking into account the above stated, the pace of work will be accelerated. The statement possibly offers a possibility for the time of exchange with Greece of the first batches of TOMA Marder 1A3 and BMP-1.

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