What was the Turkish General doing in the Greek “Pentagon”

Those who were outside the Ministry of National Defense, on Mesogeion Avenue, on Tuesday (04/10/22) in the morning, would surely have noticed an unusual gathering of Generals. There were 30 Generals, as many as the NATO countries, among them a Turkish General.

But, you might say, a Turk and even a high-ranking officer is in the Greek Pentagon, at a time when Ankara is escalating its rhetorical attacks against our country and the day after the signing of the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum and angered Athens, the European Union, Egypt, Cyprus, the United States and the Libyan Parliament?

But let’s take things in order so you can read what the Turkish General heard first hand…

General Konstantinos Floros had invited the military representatives of the NATO member countries to the Ministry of National Defense and of course the Turk also came, who had the rank of Lieutenant General.

So he came to this meeting and listened carefully: He specifically heard A/GEETHA speak (and the rest of the NATO Generals agree with him) about the need to respect international legality, that it is not possible and does not allow international law to “Geography is being redrawn”, that borders are inviolable and that those who seek all this have no relation in the international system.

This was said and heard by all the Generals, in a civilized discussion within the framework of NATO’s interests, of course. In fact, at the time when A/GETHA was handing them the commemorative plaque, he turned and said to the Turk: “I hope next year we will be 32 and not 30”, clearly stating the issue of Turkey’s approval of the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden .

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