What type of questions are asked in NDA exam?


Is NDA paper easy?

Is NDA Written Exam EASY or TOUGH to Crack? The First and Foremost thing you should understand is that NDA written Exam is VERY EASY to clear if you plan for it properly. You might have come across “NDA written is very TOUGH to crack” “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea“, etc.

Is NDA written or Mcq?

Objective Type (MCQs). Mode of the Exam. Pen and Paper-based (Offline). So as given in the above table, the written part of the NDA exam 2022 will be conducted over a duration of 5 hours – two and a half hours for Math and two and a half for GAT.

How can I pass NDA exam in first attempt?

  • Know the NDA Exam syllabus and pattern:
  • Make A Schedule:
  • Keep your basics clear:
  • Make notes of important topics:
  • Mock tests and previous year question papers:
  • Bouncer Questions:
  • Improve your General Knowledge:
  • Revise:

What is passing marks in NDA?

The expected cut-off of the is 339 to 342 marks out of 900 marks in the written test. The written test has 270 questions overall, out of them 150 questions come from the General Ability Test and 120 questions from Mathematics.4 days ago

Is NDA interview difficult?

The NDA exam is India’s most difficult competitive examination to join Defence Forces. To reach the National Defence Academy, one must clear both the Written and SSB interview. The SSB interview evaluates a candidate’s psychological makeup and capacity for stress.

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Can I crack NDA in 15 days?

Yes, it is possible to crack NDA syllabus in 15 days. Gather as much as information as you can on solar system, food and famous scientists. Make flash cards of important facts.

Can u crack NDA in 1 month?

One month time is not adequate for all types of students for sure, but there are certain students who can crack the exams in one month if they get the proper guidance and aim.

What is salary of NDA?

The NDA salary offered to candidates during the training session at the Defence training academies is Rs 56,100/ per month.

Is 100 a good score in NDA Maths?

So so you should try to target at least 100 marks in maths paper that is attempting 40 question correctly. Talking about GAT paper it is comparatively easier and more scoring so scoring 250-260 should be your target that is 65+ correct responses. Hope it helps!!

Is Maths easy in NDA?

The level of questions that are asked in NDA Maths is moderate.

How many students pass NDA?

How many students are selected in NDA every year? There are usually approx. 368 vacancies for every single NDA recruitment and almost 2.5 lakh aspirants from all around the country participate in the written exam. Out of these, only 545 (approx.)

Can I clear NDA in 3 months?

With just three months to go for NDA & NA exam, students often get confused as to how to cover the syllabus within such a short duration. The competition for this exam is high and without good preparation, it is not possible to crack it.

Can I clear NDA in 30 days?

Be optimistic that you can clear NDA exam with preparation of 1 month (actually you are studying these subjects from last 1-2 years) Genuinely study hard in these 30 days because even if you fail in this NDA attempt, this preparation will be a foundation stone for next NDA attempts.

Can I clear NDA in 6 months?

It is not difficult to crack NDA exam with six months of preparation but the thing which is needed is determination, focus, and self-belief. To clear NDA exam in six months, candidates need to work really very hard. They cannot waste a single day. It is better to stay focused on the studies.

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Is maths easy in NDA?

The level of questions that are asked in NDA Maths is moderate.

Is maths tough in NDA exam?

UPSC NDA 2 exam analysis 2022: Mathematics

According to the UPSC NDA 2022 paper analysis, the difficulty level was moderate. UPSC NDA 2 2022 questions were asked on topics like Straight Line, Circle, Statistics, Integration, Vector, Probability, Differentiation, Sequence Series, etc.

Can 12th fail apply for NDA?

No, you cannot appear in nda examination if you have failed in your class 12th board examination. This is because, In order to be eligible for NDA you must pass your class 12th. For army :- you need educational qualification of 10 + 2 in any stream .

What is the lowest score in NDA?

Ans. The NDA 1 2022 written exam cutoff was 355. Whereas the final cutoff was 709. Ques.

Is NDA a good career option?

NDA is considered the best career option for those who want to serve their country. No doubt, it is a challenging career with lots of responsibilities and duties. Every year more than four lakh students apply for the NDA exam, so from this we come to know the craze among students for this exam.

What is NDA age limit?

According to NDA eligibility 2022, candidates who were not born earlier than or later than are eligible to apply for the exam.

What is 21 restrictions in NDA?

This simply means you are supposed to be at least 17years before you can apply and be accepted into the Academy, and if you are above 17 years, it should be between 18-21 and you shouldn’t be more than 21years even with a day.

Is passing NDA tough?

Unlike the rest of competitive exams, NDA exams are considered to be tough. Due to their vast amount of syllabus, extensive written exam, group discussions, interview, medical checks, physical and mental tests as well.

How many hours NDA cadets sleep?

Cadets get a around 6 hours of sleep in NDA.

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