What is the MOS for weapons in the army?

Army Small Arms/Artillery Repairer (MOS 91F) is responsible for keeping a variety of weapons operating properly. These weapon types include small arms, field artillery, large ballistic missiles and towed artillery.

What is 91F in the army

The Small Arms/Artillery Repairer is responsible for keeping a wide array of weapons—from small arms to field artillery and large ballistic missiles—operating properly.

Where is 91F MOS training

Training for MOS 91F

Job training for a small arms/artillery repairer requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training (otherwise known as boot camp) and 16 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Lee in Virginia.

What is a 60A MOS

60A MOS. Job Detail. Plans, establishes, directs and supervises health delivery activities.

What is a 35a in the Army

The senior electronic maintenance chief plans and directs electronic maintenance operations at all levels of command and echelons of the Army; performs electronic maintenance staff functions; provides technical advice to commanders and staff concerning Army electronic maintenance and electronic logistic support matters

What is a 42H in the Army

Senior Human Resources Officer (MOS 42H) Description / Major Duties: An Adjutant General Officer is responsible for providing personnel support that affect Soldiers’ overall welfare and well being, while assisting commanders by accounting for and keeping Soldiers combat-ready.

What is 13 Bravo in the Army?

Today, Army Cannon Crewmembers (MOS 13 Bravo) are responsible for firing howitzers in support of infantry and tank units during combat. These troops load and fire howitzers, set fuses and charges on multiple munitions, and must make split second decisions, often while under fire themselves.

What is a hellcat in the Army

The M-18 Tank Destroyer, nicknamed the “Hellcat” by the Soldiers who crewed them, earned a reputation of being one of the most effective tank killers in the Army during World War II. Built by Buick Motors Division, the M-18 was capable of reaching sustained road speeds of 55 to 60 mph.

What is a 91h in the Army

The Track Vehicle Repairer is primarily responsible for performing maintenance on tracked vehicles and supervising activities that include fuel and electrical system repair and maintenance. JOB DUTIES.

What is 11B MOS?

Army Infantrymen (MOS 11B) are the main land combat force, known as “Eleven Bravo.” These personnel are responsible for defending the country through real-life combat.

What Mos is armorer?

At the unit level, an armourer duty position exists and is filled by soldiers holding the Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) MOS; these soldiers will have received some basic armourer training as part of their MOS training, and will often attend further armourer training when assigned to that duty position.

What is a 42R MOS

Army MOS 42R Army Band Person

Members of Army Bands are involved in the vibrant tradition of performing at Army ceremonies, parades, concerts, festivals, dances and many other events. Musicians perform in a variety of ensembles ranging from ceremonial band to jazz band to small ensembles, playing all styles of music.

What is the MOS 38 a

38A MOS. Supervises, researches, coordinates, conducts, and participates in analysis, planning, and production of CA related documents.

What is a 57a MOS

Serves in a wide range of activities to include management and the application of simulations within the training exercises and military operations; soldier serves as an expert in leveraging Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS) to assist commanders in accomplishing military operations and training requirements; conducts

What is a 26B MOS

AOC 26B are IT services and applications engineers that support military operations. 26B officers implement and manage the integration and security of enterprise services such as active directory, database management, e-mail, web-based applications, and many others.

What is a 51 Bravo MOS?

Army Carpentry and Masonry SpecialistEnlisted.

What is a 75B in the Army

75B MOS. Supervises and manages the veterinary services at MEDCEN/MEDDAC.

What is a 96B in the Army

96B (Now 35F) Intel Analyst Duty Descriptions

Responsible for maintenance and accountability of Tactical Operations equipment valued in excess of 350,000.

What is a 38B in the Army

Army MOS 38B Civil Affairs Specialist

Civil Affairs Soldiers operate in teams in support of both conventional and special operations forces. Civil Affairs specialists identify critical requirements needed by local citizens in combat or crisis situations.

What is a 11H in the Army

Prior to October 2001, there were four separate 11-series MOSs for soldiers from private to sergeant first class: 11B (infantryman), 11C (indirect fire infantryman, 11M (fighting vehicle infantryman), and 11H (heavy anti-armor weapons crewman).

What does S3 mean in Army

S2 (Intelligence Officer) S3 (Training Officer) S4 (Logistics Officer) AS3 (Assistant Training Officer)

What is a 01A

01A MOS. Job Detail. Commands or performs staff duties. Commands or performs staff duties encompassing a broad understanding of Army leadership, doctrine, policy, force structure and management.

What is a 51 Charlie in the Army?

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 51C, Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (AL&T) Contracting Noncommissioned Officer (NCO), is a highly critical career field established in December 2006 to meet the Army’s continuously increasing need for contingency contracting officers in the modular force.

What is a 25 Bravo Army

Army MOS 25B Information Technology Specialist

Information technology specialists are responsible for maintaining, processing and troubleshooting military computer systems/operations. Job Duties. Maintenance of networks, hardware and software. Provide customer and network administration services.

What is a 26A in the Army?

(1) Network Systems Engineering (AOC 26A). AOC 26A officers engineer networks that enhance Mission Command.

What is a jaguar in the military

The Jaguar is a new French armored reconnaissance vehicle. Since the early 2000s the French Army was looking for a replacement for their AMX-10RC, ERC-90 Sagaie armored reconnaissance vehicles/tank destroyers and VAB HOT anti-tank missile carriers that are used since the late 1970s.

What does Army SRT stand for?

Special Reaction Team Course (SRT)

What is a Mustang in the army

Mustang is a military slang term used in the United States Armed Forces to refer to a commissioned officer who began their career as an enlisted service member and then commissioning as an officer, a limited duty officer (LDO), or chief warrant officer (CWO).

What is a 12K MOS

Army Plumber (MOS 12K) performs functions related to plumbing and pipe fitting activities on military installations and in the field. Plumbers are responsible for the installation and repair of pipe systems and plumbing fixtures.

What is MOS 12B

Combat Engineers (MOS 12B) are important to the daily operations of the U.S. Army. An Army Combat Engineer serves, assists, or supervises a team while dealing with rough terrain and generally in combat situations. MOS 12B Army Engineers are experts in mobility, counter-mobility, engineering, and survival.

What is a 13a MOS

Duties performed by Officers in this Military Occupation Specialty include: Plans, coordinates, integrates, synchronizes, and employs lethal and non-lethal assets and systems in support of Joint and combined arms operations.

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