What is the define of woozie?

: slightly dizzy, nauseous, or weak.

How do you spell woosy

[ woos-ee ] SHOW IPA. / ˈwʊs i / PHONETIC RESPELLING. See synonyms for: wussy / wussier / wussiest / wussies on Thesaurus.com.

Is Woozy an American word

Woozy was first recorded in the 1890s as being student slang, used to mean “foolish or behind the times” and occasionally (and confusingly) “delightful.” Soon after this, the current meaning of “muddled or dazed” appeared in informal North American speech.

What is the meaning of the word whiffling

whiffled; whiffling ˈ(h)wi-f(ə-)liŋ intransitive verb. of the wind : to blow unsteadily or in gusts. : vacillate. : to emit or produce a light whistling or puffing sound.

Is Woosah a real Word

Thanks to the popular reach of Bad Boys II, whoosah, commonly spelled woosah, has become used as an actual form of soothing self-talk or admonition. It can be used as an interjection (You’re getting stressed. Take a deep breath. Whoosah!) and a verb (I had to whoosah all morning).

What is a better Word for wuss?

whiner, wimp, coward, crybaby, pushover, chicken, dastard, nebbish, poltroon, quitter, recreant, weakling, bellyacher, complainer, critic, faultfinder, grumbler, sissy, softy, baby.

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Are you dizzy slang

You might have learnt the word dizzy to describe the strange way you feel after going on a rollercoaster. But when we use it to describe a person the meaning is that they are disorganised and illogical.

How do you say okay in American slang

  • alright.
  • all right.

What is the meaning of Einhorn

noun. unicorn [noun] in mythology, an animal like a horse, but with one straight horn on the forehead.

What is a Driggle Draggle


Meaning: An untidy/dirty woman. The period in which this word was used — the 16th century — wasn’t exactly known for high benchmarks of cleanliness.

What is a synonym for Woosie?

adjectivelight-headed, confused. addled. befuddled. bemused. bewildered.

What does bourgeoisie mean urban dictionary

Urban Dictionary’s top entry for bougie defines it thus: “Aspiring to be a higher class than one is. Derived from bourgeois – meaning middle/upper class, traditionally despised by communists.” So in modern-day English, someone who is bougie is creating an air of wealth or upper class status — whether it’s true or not.

Is dooze a word

Definitions of dooze in various dictionaries:

‘to blow into’) is the act of blowing something (such as a gas, powder, or vapor) into a body cavity.

Why do people say Woo Woo?

(slang, derogatory) A person readily accepting supernatural, paranormal, occult, or pseudoscientific phenomena, or emotion-based beliefs and explanations. That reporter is a bit of a woo woo. He is really into all that woo woo.

Why do we say woo woo?

Where does woo-woo come from? Woo-woo is first recorded in the 1980s, used to mock beliefs associated with the likes of New Age culture. The term may have originated as an imitation of the sound of the theremin in horror and sci-fi films and TV, or of the spooky noises associated with ghosts and the supernatural.

How do you say cool in a fancy way

  • Astonishing.
  • Bewitching.
  • Brilliant.
  • Captivating.
  • Charming.
  • Copacetic.
  • Delightful.
  • Dashing.
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How do you formally say badass

  • agitator.
  • rebel.
  • demagogue.
  • dissident.
  • fighter.
  • frondeur.
  • renegade.
  • sparkplug.

What are some fancy words for cool

  • chilly.
  • frigid.
  • frosty.
  • refreshing.
  • air-conditioned.
  • arctic.
  • biting.
  • chill.

What does cheeky mean in the UK

Cheeky is a word used by English people to describe somebody who says something insolent or irrelevant in an amusing way. You might say “Don’t be so cheeky!”

What does dodgy mean in British slang

chiefly British : evasive, tricky. chiefly British. : not sound, good, or reliable. : questionable, suspicious.5 days ago

What is a dizzy blonde meaning

The Ixion actresses were commonly referred to as the ‘British Blondes,’ but at some point in the ensuing decade, the term ‘dizzy blonde’ started cropping up: slang for the sort of risqué stage performer that the Brits had helped make popular, and more generally for ‘professional’ beauties, with ‘dizzy’ meaning foolish

What are Gen Z slang words

  • Glow-up: Think of this term as a way of describing how someone improved from where they used to be.
  • Slay: This word means to do something well or to do a good job.
  • Bet: Bet is a way of saying “yes” or “OK” or “it’s on.”
  • Vibing: Gen Z is big on vibes.

What is slang for I got you

English slang. “I got you” (often pronounced as “I gotchu”) is a way of saying “I understand” OR to say “it’s okay, I’ll protect you or do something for you.”

Is bruh a slang word

One of the many derivatives of bro, the slang expression bruh is incredibly versatile. It can be used do address a male friend or as an interjection to cover a wide range of emotions. Originating in Black culture, bruh like bro, is now a mainstream slang expression.

What is British slang for cool?

Dynamite/Wicked. Dynamite is used for awesome and cool. Wicked too is used to convey the same meaning.

What is slang for looking good?

Snatched – Looks good, perfect, or fashionable; the new “on fleek”

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