What is military hardware?

Based on 80 documents. 80. Military equipment means weapons, arms, military supplies, and equipment that readily may be used for military purposes, including, but not limited to, radar systems or military-grade transport vehicles.

What is military hardware

Based on 80 documents. 80. Military equipment means weapons, arms, military supplies, and equipment that readily may be used for military purposes, including, but not limited to, radar systems or military-grade transport vehicles.

What is military ordnance

noun. ord·nance ˈȯrd-nən(t)s. : military supplies including weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and maintenance tools and equipment.

What is military armory

An armory has traditionally been a military storage compound where machine guns, rifles, pistols, ammunition, parts, and accessories are kept. In the U.S., National Guard and Reserve units often use armories as training headquarters in peacetime.

Why is it called an armory

Definition of armory

a place where arms and armor are made; an armorer’s shop; arsenal.

What is a weapon in slang

(Scotland, Britain, slang, derogatory) An idiot, an oaf, a fool, a tool; a contemptible or incompetent person.

What is weaponized word

Meaning of weaponized in English

to make it possible to use something to attack a person or group: They claimed that the security agency had weaponized the internet. He hoped to weaponize the issue of healthcare as part of his election campaign. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What are the 3 types of weapons

Quickly learn all about the three types of guns: pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Plus how they work, how to shoot them, and the best models for each.

What weapons do military use

  • M1911 pistol.
  • M11 pistol.
  • M590 shotgun.
  • M14 enhanced battle rifle.
  • M16A2 rifle.
  • M240L medium machine gun.
  • M110 semi-automatic sniper system.
  • M107 long-range sniper rifle.

What are military swords called?

The Model 1902 Army Officers’ Saber is the current sword used by officers of the United States Army and United States Air Force. The official nomenclature for the current regulation U.S. Army saber is “saber for all officers, Model 1902”. It was adopted on by authority of General Order No. 81.

What is heavy military equipment

Examples of heavy weapons systems are tanks, helicopters, fighter planes, submarines and war ships. They are defined as larger machines that are used in immediate combat and that integrate different military requirements (movement, fire power, etc.) into one system.

What are military materials

In a military context, the term materiel refers either to the specific needs (excluding manpower) of a force to complete a specific mission, or the general sense of the needs (excluding manpower) of a functioning army.

What is a military technical

A technical, in professional military parlance often called a non-standard tactical vehicle (NSTV), is a light improvised fighting vehicle, typically an open-backed civilian pickup truck or four-wheel drive vehicle, mounting a machine gun, anti-aircraft autocannon, rotary cannon, anti-tank weapon, anti-tank gun, ATGM,

What is the difference between artillery and ordnance

Military and defense

Materiel in military logistics, including weapons, ammunition, vehicles, and maintenance tools and equipment. Artillery, often in a formal name, e.g., “Ordnance Survey”. Artillery shells, specifically unexploded ordnance. Aircraft ordnance, weapons carried by and used by an aircraft.

What does OS stand for in the military?

Operations Specialist (USN Rating) OS.

What is this armament

armament. noun. ar·ma·ment ˈär-mə-mənt. : the military strength and equipment of a nation. : a supply of war materials.

What is a collection of weapons called?

Word forms: arsenals

countable noun. An arsenal is a large collection of weapons and military equipment held by a country, group, or person.

What is military CNC

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is capable of manufacturing parts with great precision, which makes it ideal for fabricating parts that comply with MIL-SPEC. CNC machining is commonly used to produce military and defense components such as: Aerospace couplers. Aircraft seat frames. Clamshells.

What is Call of Duty armory

Although it’s the last submenu within Weapons, the Armory is synonymous with the Gunsmith. Within the Armory, you can blueprints you may have received during your Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, or Modern Warfare experience. A Weapon Blueprint is a variant of a base weapon within Modern Warfare.

Who runs an armory in the army

In modern terms, an armourer is a member of a military or police force who works in an armoury and maintains and repairs small arms and weapons systems, with some duties resembling those of a civilian gunsmith.

Where are military weapons kept

An arsenal is a building where weapons and military equipment are stored.

What is the armoury called today

Museum. The Royal Westminster Regimental Museum is located in what was the original Gun Room. The a committee was organized in 1969 and the museum opened on .

What do you call medieval weapons?

Swords and Lances. Spears, Axes, Mace. Crossbows, Longbows. Daggers. Tribuchets to Guns.

What do you call sharp weapons?

An edged weapon, or bladed weapon, is a melee weapon with a cutting edge. Bladed weapons include swords, daggers, knives, and bayonets.

What’s another word for sword

  • blade.
  • steel.
  • sabre.
  • saber.
  • broadsword.
  • scimitar.
  • rapier.
  • cutlass.

What is a better word for Enchanted

Some common synonyms of enchant are allure, attract, captivate, charm, and fascinate. While all these words mean “to draw another by exerting a powerful influence,” enchant is perhaps the strongest of these terms in stressing the appeal of the agent and the degree of delight evoked in the subject.

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