What is HNS military?

The NATO definition of HNS is “Civil and military assistance rendered in peace, crisis, and war by a Host Nation to Allied forces and NATO organizations which are located on or in transit through the Host Nation’s territory.

What is a CVO in the military

Chief Vigilance Officer(CVO)

What is a PHO Army

In an Article 32 hearing, an appointed Preliminary Hearing Officer (PHO) considers the case (witnesses and evidence) and makes non-binding recommendations about his/her view of whether probable cause exists, how the case was, or should, be charged, and how the case should be resolved (a court-martial or some other

What is an OPO military

Directorate of Organization and Management Systems. OPD. Operations Division. OPO. Office of Personnel Operations.

What does HNS stand for

Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS)

What is HC in the military

AF/CVSO—Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Operations Division. AF/HC—Air Force Chief of Chaplains. AF/JA—Air Force Judge Advocate General. AF/SG—Air Force Surgeon General.

What does J5 mean in military

The Joint Staff J5 proposes strategies, plans, and policy recommendations to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to support his provision of military advice across the full spectrum of national security concerns to the President and other national leaders and to ensure those recommendations are informed by a

Can an officer get a CIB?

The specific eligibility criteria for the CIB require that an officer (SSI 11 or 18) in the grade of colonel or below, or an Army enlisted Soldier or warrant officer with an infantry or Special Forces MOS, who subsequent to has satisfactorily performed duty while assigned or attached as a member of an

How many Soldiers have a CIB

Of the hundreds of thousands of Infantrymen who have fought in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, only 325 have been awarded the third award of the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, known as the Triple CIB.

What does CP mean in Army?

CO. – Commanding Officer. C/S – Chief of Staff. CP or Cp – command post.

What is Mua in military?

A Military Utility Assessment (MUA) is an assessment of the operational utility of a system.

What does GAF stand for military

Article Talk. Language. Watch. Edit.

What does HVT mean in military

In United States military terminology, a high-value target (HVT) is the term given to a person or resource that an enemy commander requires to complete a mission.

What does SPI mean in military

(a) Definition. “SPI process,” as used in this clause, means a management or manufacturing process that has been accepted previously by the Department of Defense under the Single Process Initiative (SPI) for use in lieu of a specific military or Federal specification or standard at specific facilities.

What does ATR mean military

Advanced Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) with Infrared (IR) Sensors. Abstract: Automatic Target Detection (ATD) and Recognition (ATR) are critical for video analysis and image understanding for many military and commercial applications deployed on satellites and UAV platforms.

What does HN mean in the military

Noun. HN (plural HNs) (military, US, nautical) Abbreviation of hospitalman.

What does HS mean in military?

HQDA. Headquarters, Department of the Army. HS. Home station.

Why do U.S. military shave their heads?

The official explanation for this practice was field sanitation, to help reduce the risk of spreading hair and/or body lice. In addition to personal hygiene benefits, the military buzz cut has had the following effects: Standardization of military look for troops. Adherence to regulations.

What is H&S in the Marines?

Headquarters and Service (H&S) Company provides installation level administrative and logistical support for the Marines, Sailors, and civilians assigned and attached to Marine Barracks Washington, D.C. Additionally, H&S Company coordinates and executes the hosting of and parade escort plan for the Evening and Sunset

What does H&M mean in texting

“High maintenance” usually describes someone who needs a lot of attention or has particularly expensive taste. Other popular messaging and social media apps that use this definition include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

What does S&H mean in text

Britannica Dictionary definition of S&H. US. shipping and handling.

What is a 97 Bravo in the Army?

97B MOS. Supervises and conducts, CI surveys and investigations.

What does 1h mean in the military

1-H – Registrant not currently subject to processing for induction or alternative service. Note: Within the cessation of registrant processing in 1976, all registrants (except for a few alleged violators of the Military Selective Service Act) were classified 1-H regardless of any previous classification.

What is a code 50 in the Air Force

An AAC 50 means you are in a maximum tour and you will move on your date of availability. While your code has not changed, based on your question, your DEROS has.

What is j8 military?

J-8 conducts joint, bilateral, and multilateral war games and interagency politico-military seminars and simulations. It develops, maintains, and improves the models, techniques, and capabilities used by the Joint Staff and combatant commands to conduct studies and analyses for CJCS.

What does S7 mean in military

Corps S1 for Administration and Personnel. Corps S2 for Intelligence. Corps S6 for Weapons, Communications, Electronics and Information Systems (WCEIS) Corps S7 for Civil Military Operations (CMO) and Alumni Affairs. Headquarters Battalion Commander.

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