What is a CDI in the Air Force?

Command Directed Investigations

CDIs begin when a commander appoints an officer-member of the command to serve as the Investigating Officer (IO). The IO is charged with discovering the facts surrounding the allegation and must weigh all evidence under the “preponderance of the evidence” standard.

What is AFI 31 101

Background: AFI 31-101 directs the designation of an approved automated Integrated Defense Risk Management Process (IDRMP) application to facilitate the Integrated Defense (ID) risk management process.

What is AFI 23 101


What is ITEC Air Force

ITEC stands for Information Technology Equipment Custodian (US Air Force)

How long is a DSD Air Force?

Developmental special duties are temporary in nature. They are performed for a period of up to three to four years and focus on nominating staff, technical and master sergeants.

What does CDI stand for military

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Covered Defense Information (CDI) – Proper Handling and Safeguarding.

What does T 3 mean in an AFI

T-3 Waivers: Waiver authority is the Wing Commander who can delegate no lower than the Squadron Commander or equivalent.

Where do you initial on AF Form 1168

AF Form 1168, Statement of Suspect/Witness/Complainant. This form is to be used when taking a written statement from a suspect, accused person, witness or complainant (military or civilian). When the statement is handwritten, the writer initials the end of each paragraph, any errors and signs the state- ment.

What type of information is found in AFI 36 2101

What is outlined in AFI 36-2101, Classifying Military Personnel (officer and enlisted)? Duties and responsibilities for each Air Force career field or specialty. directing policy and guidance for career fields.

What is AFI 13cm?

The critical AFI range of 8 to 25 cm signifies fetal well-being and the deviation from this range is associated with increase in fetal and maternal complications due to oligoamnios and polyhydramnios.

Is AFI 14 normal?

An AFI between 8-18 is considered normal. Median AFI level is approximately 14 from week 20 to week 35, when the amniotic fluid begins to reduce in preparation for birth. An AFI < 5-6 is considered as oligohydramnios. The exact number can vary by gestational age.

Is AFI 21 normal

The sum of these measurements, in centimeters, is the AFI. A sum of less than 5 cm is considered oligohydramnios, 5 to 8 cm is considered borderline, 8 to 20 cm is considered normal, and greater than 20 to 25 cm is considered polyhydramnios.

Is ITEC a good qualification

The International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) has been awarding high quality and respected qualifications since 1947. It is a leading UK specialist examination board providing quality qualifications allowing people to practise professionally in the UK and countries throughout the world.

What does C3 stand for Air Force

Command, control, and communications (C3) resources provide seamless base level and worldwide communication networks for voice, data, and imagery traffic of sufficient quality, reliability, and flexibility to ensure responsive support to U.S. forces.

What is AC CDI and DC CDI

Your CDI has two plugs, a 4-pin and a 2-pin. The 4-pin side may have 3 or 4 wires connected to it (both AC and DC versions). If the 2-pin connector has only 1 wire going to it, it’s a DC CDI. If there are 2 wires attached to the 2-pin connector, then it’s an AC CDI.

Does Air Force have CID

The Air Force does not use “CID/MPs” as its acronym.

What are Air Force CED orders

These orders will also authorize you travel home once you have returned from the deployed location and in-processed your unit of assignment. 2. CED (Contingency, Exercise and Deployment) Orders a. These are your travel/NATO orders.

How long is MTI DSD

DSD offers a developmental career path for staff, technical, and master sergeants who serve in positions for a period of up to three or four years. The Air Force has identified 10 special duty identifiers as enlisted developmental positions due to their unique leadership roles in building the future force.

How long is the shortest Air Force contract?

Instead of the standard eight-year contract that you used to have to fulfill with the Air Force, you can now enlist for a period of four years for Active Duty and 2 years for the Guard and Reserves, which is the shortest, standard contract that the Air Force offers to all potential recruits.

What does DSC mean in military

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS. The Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) is the second highest military decoration that can be awarded to a member of the United States Army (and previously, the United States Army Air Forces).

What does CIP stand for Military

The Department of Defense Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Plan Version 1.0. [Presidential Decision Directives – PDD] The Department of Defense Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Plan. A Plan in Response to. Presidential Decision Directive 63.

What does BCD mean military

Bad Conduct (BCD)

Unlike an administrative discharge, a Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD) is a punitive discharge that can only be given by a court-martial (either Special or General) as punishment to an enlisted service-member. Bad conduct discharges are often preceded by a period of confinement in a military prison.

What does A3 mean in the Air Force

A3 – Directorate of Air, Space and Information Operations. A4/A6 – Directorate of Logistics and Communication. A5 – Directorate of Plans and Requirements. A7 – Installations and Mission Support.

What is code 50 Air Force

Air Force Personnel Center. Thank you for the question. An AAC 50 means you are in a maximum tour and you will move on your date of availability. While your code has not changed, based on your question, your DEROS has.

What is the 7 day option in Air Force

“Exercising the 7-day option” or “7-day opting” means to apply for separation from the Air Force within the allowed 7-day window rather than accepting the next assignment.

What is an AF Form 4392

AF Form 4392, Proposed Travel Itinerary, can be filled out to request travel up to 350 miles. Travel over 350 miles is not permitted. Transportation: If you do not have a POV, you can call Capital City Cabs 803-233-8294 or Blue Ribbon Cabs 803-754- 8163.

What is an AF Form 3994

AF Form 3994 “Recommendation for Decoration Deployment/Contingency Operations”

What is an AF Form 3545

Used to provide information to the appropriate individuals within DOD organizations who ensure that proper legal and administrative action is taken.

What is the purpose of AFI 36 2618

Purpose of the Enlisted Force Structure. 1.2. 1. This instruction provides the general framework for the enlisted force structure that best meets mission requirements, while developing institutional and occupational competencies.

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