WHAT IS A 96-HOUR WIRELESS ESOPHAGEAL pH CAPSULE TEST AND WHAT CAN I EXPECT DURING THE PROCEDURE? The wireless esophageal pH capsule (Bravo™) is a test used to measure the amount of stomach acid that refluxes up into the esophagus.

What is 97B MOS

U.S. Army MOS 97B Counterintelligence Agent.

What is a 35 Foxtrot in the Army

What does a 35F do in the Army? Army Intelligence Analysts (MOS 35F) provide the Army with information about the enemy by analyzing, processing, and distributing intelligence information.

What is a 19 series in the Army

Armor Branch career-management field (CMF) 19 is the only branch within the U.S. Army that is dedicated to direct-combat mounted warfare throughout all three brigade combat teams, to include the light IBCT.

Are you put to sleep for a Bravo study

The procedure

Your procedure usually takes 15-20 minutes and you will be sedated for it. Once you are asleep, a standard upper endoscopy (EGD) is performed. The small pH monitoring device (size of a thin capsule) will be attached to the esophagus lining.

What is 95 Bravo in the Army

Bravo Battery, 95th AG BN (Reception), the Fitness Training Unit for the 434th FA Basic Combat Training Brigade’s mission is to physically, mentally, and psychologically prepare Soldiers to return to training.

What is a MOS 44 Bravo

44B MOS. Job Detail. Supervises, inspects, installs, modifies, and performs maintenance on metal body components, radiators, fuel tanks, hulls, and accessories.

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What is a 98G MOS

98G MOS. Job Detail. Performs detection, identification and exploitation of foreign communications.

What Mos is 94 Bravo

94B MOS. Supervises or prepares and cooks food in field, garrison, or central food preparation activities. Prepares and cooks food; prepares and cooks food or supervises small unit food service activity.

What is a 96 Romeo in Army

Army Ground Surveillance Systems OperatorEnlisted.

What is a 70K Army?

70K MOS. Job Detail. Manages the functional areas pertaining to technical materiel and services utilized in support of the health care delivery system.

What is a 25 series in the Army

Army MOS 25S Operator-Maintainers serve the country repairing multichannel satellite communications. As a result, they focus on conducting stressed and unstressed network operations, as well as prepare system reports. Find out more about the job duties of a Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer (MOS 25S).

What is a 88 series in the Army

88N Transportation Management Coordinator (TCM)

The U.S. Army Transportation Corps’ 88N Transportation Management Coordinators supervise, monitor, control and coordinate the movement of personnel, equipment, and cargo by air, rail, highway, and water.

What is a 13 Bravo Army

Today, Army Cannon Crewmembers (MOS 13 Bravo) are responsible for firing howitzers in support of infantry and tank units during combat. These troops load and fire howitzers, set fuses and charges on multiple munitions, and must make split second decisions, often while under fire themselves.

What does Bravo unit mean

A U.S. Air Force document describes Bravo as when “an increased and more predictable terrorist threat activity exists.” The level means there is information that suggests probable violence in the United States, and there must be extra precaution to deter terrorist planning. Ad Feedback.

What is a 97 Bravo?

Intelligence and Combat Support Army MOS Information. Active Duty.

What is a Bravo sensor

Bravo is the world’s first catheter-free pH monitoring system. With the Bravo system, a miniature pH capsule, approximately the size of a gel cap, is temporarily attached to the wall of your esophagus. The capsule transmits pH information wirelessly to a portable receiver you wear on your waistband.

What do you eat with Bravo?

You may drink whatever you like with meals and snacks (juices, soda, coffee, tea). Please drink limited amounts between meals and do not sip over long periods. Remember to record all meals, snacks and drinks in your diary. Please do not chew gum or eat hard candy.

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Can you feel the Bravo capsule

While the Bravo capsule is in place, some patients experience a vague sensation that something is in their esophagus and feel the capsule when they eat or when food passes by the capsule. Should you experience this, chewing food carefully and drinking fluids should help minimize this sensation.

What is a 70 Bravo?

70B MOS. Job Detail. This officer plans, coordinates, monitors, evaluates, and advises unit commanders and staff in both medical and non-medical.

What does 11 Bravo stand for

The U.S. Army Military Occupational Specialty code for an enlisted infantry soldier – phonetically pronounced “Eleven Bravo”

What is a 75 Bravo in the Army?

75B MOS. Supervises and manages the veterinary services at MEDCEN/MEDDAC.

What is a 63 Bravo in the Army

63B MOS. Supervises and performs unit maintenance and recovery operations on gasoline and diesel fueled light-wheel vehicles.

What is a 25 Bravo Army

Army MOS 25B Information Technology Specialist

Information technology specialists are responsible for maintaining, processing and troubleshooting military computer systems/operations. Job Duties. Maintenance of networks, hardware and software. Provide customer and network administration services.

What MOS is 19 Bravo?

19B MOS. Encompasses leadership and staff positions concerned with the training and tactical employment of tank or armored reconnaissance units.

What is a 42 a MOS

The human resources specialist operates and manages field personnel information systems, trains and assist system users, or monitors system activities. The human resources specialist provides and manages postal operations. Duties for MOS 42A at each level of skill are: (1) MOSC 42A1O.

What MOS is 21 Bravo

MOS 21B, Combat Engineer was converted to MOS 12B, Combat Engineer.

What is 92 Bravo in the Army

92B MOS. Supervises or performs bloodbanking procedures.

What is a 91e in the Army

OVERVIEW. The Allied Trade Specialist is primarily responsible for supervising and performing the fabrication, repair and modification of metallic and nonmetallic parts. They operate lathes, drill presses, grinders and other machine shop equipment. JOB DUTIES.

What is a 68 Bravo in the Army?

2. Orthopedic Specialist (MOS 68B) Army Orthopedic Specialists, or MOS 68B, provide treatment for patients with orthopedic injuries or conditions. An orthopedic injury is something that involves the patient’s bones or joints.

What is a 71 Lima in the Army

71L MOS. Performs administrative, clerical, and typing duties.

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