Description Summary: A Soldier in MOS 15P supervises and/or conducts operation and maintenance of flight operations equipment.

What is the MOS for Army pilot?

153D MOS. Perform duties as an UH-60 Pilot.

What Mos is aircraft

The aviation MOS is the 6000 field. The first two numbers designate the primary position of mechanic (60), helicopters (61), and fixed-wing aircraft (62). The aircraft maintenance occupational fields include direct and indirect support of the total airframes as well as power plant pack of all aircraft weapons systems.

How do you become a Black Hawk pilot?

In order to fly a Black Hawk, you need to have two pilots and crew coordination between you and the other pilot. Then, in many cases, you’re going to have two crew chiefs in the back, and it’s mission-critical that that be seamless and that there be synergy there.

What is a 15U in the Army?

15U: Chinook Helicopter Repairer.

What is a 15T in the Army

The UH-60 helicopter repairer is primarily responsible for supervising and performing maintenance on UH-60 helicopters (also known as the Black Hawk). This is military occupational specialty (MOS) 15T in the U.S. Army. It’s an important role, since the Black Hawk is usually a part of any combat situation.

What is a 92a in the Army

OVERVIEW. The Automated Logistical Specialist is primarily responsible for supervising and performing management or warehouse functions in order to maintain equipment records and parts.

What MOS is on high demand Army

Current (subject to change based on Army requirements) high demand MOSs include: 18X (Spec Forces; Elementary Lang Proficiency) 37F (Psychological Operations Specialist) 25P (Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer.

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What MOS is 91 Delta

MOS 91D: Tactical Power Generation Specialist.

Where can a 15t be stationed

  • Benning, GA.
  • Bliss, TX.
  • Bragg, NC.
  • Campbell, KY.
  • Drum, NY.
  • Hood, TX.
  • Hunter, CA.
  • Irwin, CA.

Where can 15u be stationed?

  • Bliss, TX.
  • Bragg, NC.
  • Campbell, KY.
  • Carson, CO.
  • Drum, NY.
  • Hood, TX.
  • Hunter, CA.
  • Lewis, WA.

What does a 15n do in the Army

The Avionic Mechanic performs maintenance on tactical communications security, communication, navigation and flight control equipment.

Do Navy pilots need 20 20 vision

All applicants for pilot training must meet Class I standards except as follows: Visual Acuity, Distant and Near: Uncorrected visual acuity must not be less than 20/40 each eye, correctable to 20/20 each eye using a Sloan letter, crowded, eye chart (Goodlite).

How rare is it to become a pilot?

Under changing circumstances, Simple Flying reported in 2020 that coronavirus had turned the global pilot shortage into a surplus, despite some unions advising students not to become pilots. In any case, the position is a rare privilege in the US, with commercial pilots accounting for just 0.05% of the population.

Can you fly fixed-wing in the Army

Pilot Airplanes, Helicopters, and Drones

Army pilots are responsible for flying fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aircraft (drones) to conduct surveillance, gather intelligence, engage in combat, rescue and humanitarian missions.

What can a 15p do in the civilian world

  • Dispatch.
  • Office Administration.
  • Air Traffic Control.
  • Air Transport.
  • Logistics Management.
  • Information Technology specialist.

What does a 15W do in the Army

A 15W is tasked with operating aircraft such as the RQ-7 Shadow or MQ-1C Gray Eagle, two of the Army National Guard’s more elusive, yet powerful, assets. UAS operators remotely pilot unmanned observation aircraft, also referred to as drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

What are the duties of an aviation operations specialist

As an Aviation Operations Specialist, you’ll be responsible for scheduling and dispatching tactical aircraft missions and making one the largest fleets of aircraft in the world run safely and efficiently. You will coordinate flight plans, maintain flight logs, and alert crash crews of emergencies.

What is a 16B in the Army?

16B MOS. Job Detail. Supervises operation of or serves as crew member in launching section of Nike-Hercules battery.

What is a 13 in the Army

GENERAL: This is a discharge under honorable conditions, soldier whose record and performance is satisfactory. This is usually given to someone who had non-judicial punishments (Article 15s), but not for serious infractions.

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Is 15T a crew chief

A 15T (Blackhawk crew chief) or 15U (Chinook crew chief) sees more combat than a 15R (Apache crew chief) ever will, in most circumstances.

How much does a 15T MOS make

The estimated total pay for a 15T at US Army is $100,909 per year.

What is a 70B Army

The entry level Administrative Health Services officer typically serves as a medical platoon leader in an operational unit (AOC 70B).

What is a 13C Army?

13C MOS. Job Detail. Supervises, or serves as a member of an activity operating tactical fire direction TAFCS equipment in a field artillery cannon battalion or higher unit.

What is 11 C in Army

As the main land combat force of the Army, Infantrymen capture or destroy opposing ground forces, repel enemy attacks and operate weapons and equipment in order to engage and eliminate the enemy. During peacetime, it’s the Infantry’s job to be ready to jump to the defense of our country.

What are cool MOS in Army

Welcome to Army COOL

COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) helps Army service members find information on certifications and licenses related to their military occupation and civilian careers. COOL can also be used by Recruiters, Counselors, Credentialing Organizations and Employers.

What MOS can be a sniper?

Must possess MOS 11B, 19D or 18 series in the rank of E3 through E6. Must have a good performance record with no history of alcohol or drug abuse. Must be a volunteer and have a signed letter of recommendation from their Company Commander. Must at a minimum possess a physical profile of 111221.

What MOS sees most combat

  • Navy SEALS.
  • Army Rangers.
  • Force Recon Marines.
  • Carrier-Based Aircraft.
  • F-22 Fighter Wings.
  • Naval Ships.
  • 509th Bomb Wing. America’s B-2s and stealth bombers are part of the 509th Bomb Wing.
  • The Highest Combat. Certainly, in sheer numbers, the Army sees the most action.

What is an 11D MOS

11D MOS. Job Detail. Serves as member of scout squad or section, intelligence staff section, or armor surveillance radar section.

What is 12B in Army

A 12B combat engineer supervises a team of fellow Soldiers as it tackles rough terrain and other unpredictable environments during combat operations. They help the team by providing mobility, counter-mobility, survivability, and engineering support.

What MOS is 31 Bravo

Army MOS 31B Military Police

Military Police protect lives and property on Army installations by enforcing military laws and regulations, as well as controlling traffic, preventing crime, and responding to emergencies.

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