The Unit Supply Specialist is primarily responsible for supervising or performing tasks involving the general upkeep and maintenance of all Army National Guard supplies and equipment.

What is MOS 92 in the Army

Army MOS 92Y Unit Supply Specialist

Maintaining and distributing the Army’s large inventory of food, medicines, ammunition, spare parts and other supplies is an incredibly important job. The Unit Supply Specialist is an integral member of the Army’s supply and warehousing specialist team.

What is a 92Y in the Army salary

US Army Salary FAQs

The average salary for an Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) is $40,538 per year in United States, which is 15% lower than the average US Army salary of $47,914 per year for this job.

What’s the difference between 92A and 92Y

The 92A is oriented toward maintaining stores of supplies, whereas the 92Y deals with individual soldiers in issuing material and maintaining accurate property accountability. 92A’s working in a warehouse. Their AIT course subjects, both at the Quartermaster School at Fort Lee, Virginia, reveal the differences in jobs.

Does 92Y see combat

Is 92y considered a combat MOS? While they do occasionally serve in combat roles, and are trained as combat soldiers, MOS 92y is not considered a combat MOS.

What is a 91W in the Army

All 91W (Health Care Specialist) Soldiers will be qualified as nationally registered Emergency Medical Technicians. The course for training new combat medics has been extended from 10 weeks to 16 weeks.

What does a 92A do when deployed

Movement, storage and maintenance of ammunition. Procedures for handling medical and food supplies.

What MOS is 92 Fox

An Army Petroleum Supply Specialist (MOS 92F) performs an essential function of the U.S. Armed Forces. Petroleum Supply Specialists manage the reception, storage, and shipment of petroleum-based products. Learn more about what it takes to become an Army Petroleum Supply Specialist (MOS 92F).

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What rank is a 92Z

(6) Sergeant Major/Command Sergeant Major (a) Soldiers with the MOS 92A convert to MOS 92Z, Senior Logistics NCO at the rank of SGM.

What are the highest-paying MOS in the Army

  • O-10 (20 years’ experience): $16,608 per month.
  • O-9 (26 years’ experience): $16,608 per month.
  • O-8 (34 years’ experience): $16,333 per month.
  • O-7 (30 years’ experience): $14,065 per month.
  • O-6 (30 years’ experience): $12,638 per month.
  • W-5 (38 years’ experience): $10,856 per month.

Is a 92Y an armorer

At the unit level, an armourer duty position exists and is filled by soldiers holding the Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) MOS; these soldiers will have received some basic armourer training as part of their MOS training, and will often attend further armourer training when assigned to that duty position.

What is a 70K in the Army

70K MOS. Manages the functional areas pertaining to technical materiel and services utilized in support of the health care delivery system.

Is 92A a combat MOS

Soldiers in this MOS are required to operate the Global Combat Support System-Army. This logistics system is used to track supplies, organizational equipment, and spare parts.

What is the salary of a 92A MOS

The average salary for a 92A Automated Logistics Specialist is $39,812 per year in United States, which is 12% lower than the average US Army salary of $45,463 per year for this job.

How much does a 92Y make an hour

As of , the average annual pay for the 92Y Unit Supply Specialist jobs category in Houston is $31,743 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $15.26 an hour.

What does an e9 do

Master sergeants (E-8) and master gunnery sergeants (E-9) provide technical leadership as occupational specialists in their specific MOS. The sergeant major of the Marine Corps is the senior enlisted Marine of the entire Marine Corps, personally selected by the commandant.

What is a 76 Yankee in the Army

76Y MOS. Supervises or performs duties involving request, receipt, storage, issue, accountability, preservation of individual, organizational, installation and expendable supplies.

What is 93 Foxtrot in the Army?

The fire support specialist leads, supervises or serves in intelligence activities such as target processing for artillery units and maneuver brigades. Duties performed by this MOS include: Lead and train the forward observer team and combat observation lasing technician in combat operations.

What is the hardest combat training

There’s a great argument that the Marine Corps has the hardest military training of anyone, and here’s why. Of course, when you reach the top, you can find them becoming SEALs or a part of the Marine Raider Regiment (MRR), but the training of any Marine is some of the hardest military training in the world.

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What is a 92 Bravo

Army Medical Laboratory SpecialistEnlisted.

What is 94w MOS

Serves as Electronic Maintenance Supervisor assigned to a Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (CSSB); advises the commander on all aspects of electronic maintenance; supervises direct and general support (DS/GS) level maintenance on all Army standard electronic equipment, systems, and associated devices; establishes

What is a 38A in the Army?

38A MOS. Job Detail. Supervises, researches, coordinates, conducts, and participates in analysis, planning, and production of CA related documents.

What rank is 92A?

Quartermaster officers are responsible for making sure equipment, materials and systems are available and functioning for missions. More specifically, the quartermaster officer provides supply support for Soldiers and units in field services, aerial delivery, and material and distribution management.

What branch does 92A fall under

Military Occupational Specialities

The nine Quartermaster Enlisted Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) are: 92A – Automated Logistical Specialist.

Where is 92A basic training

Job training for MOS 92A includes ten weeks of Basic Combat Training (boot camp) and 12 weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Lee in Virginia.

What MOS is 92 Alpha

92A Automated Logistical Specialist (CMF 92) Major Duties. The automated logistical specialist supervises and performs management or stock record/warehouse functions pertaining to receipt, storage, distribution and issue and maintains equipment records and parts.

What MOS is 91 Delta

MOS 91D: Tactical Power Generation Specialist.

What MOS is 94 Bravo

94B MOS. Supervises or prepares and cooks food in field, garrison, or central food preparation activities. Prepares and cooks food; prepares and cooks food or supervises small unit food service activity.

Is an e 7 a high rank

Sergeant First Class (SFC) is the seventh enlisted rank (E-7) in the U.S. Army, ranking above staff sergeant (E-6) and below master sergeant and first sergeant (E-8), and is the first non-commissioned officer rank designated as a senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO).

What rank is a 1 star

A one–star rank is usually the lowest ranking general or flag officer. In many Commonwealth countries, the one-star army rank of Brigadier is considered the highest field officer rank.

What rank is Master Chief?

Master Chief Petty Officer is the 9th rank in the United States Navy , ranking above Senior Chief Petty Officer and directly below Command Master Chief Petty Officer. A master chief petty officer is a Senior Noncommissioned Officer at DoD paygrade E-9, with a starting monthly pay of $5,789.

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