What country has highest IQ?

Currently, the country with the highest average IQ in the world is Japan (106.5) ranking first, with Singapore, ranking second, Taiwan, ranking third, and Hong Kong, ranking fourth. China and South Korea also have some of the highest IQ scores in the world, China coming in fifth and South Korea sixth.

What is the top 5 smartest country in the world?

  • Singapore – 105.89.
  • Hong Kong – 105.37.
  • China – 104.1.
  • South Korea – 102.35.
  • Belarus – 101.6.
  • Finland – 101.2.
  • Liechtenstein – 101.07.
  • Germany – 100.74.

What country has the smartest people 2022

At the top is, of course, Japan, considered the smartest country in the world in 2022, followed by Taiwan and Singapore.

What is the highest IQ in Europe

Finland. Finland ranks the highest in this list of the IQ of nations, with an average IQ listed at 101.20. Finland is located in northern Europe, alongside the other peninsulas of the Nordic countries like Sweden and Finland. What is this?

What IQ is genius

Notably, the average IQ score falls between 85 and 115. A score above 140, meanwhile, is considered to be genius level.

Who is world No 1 intelligent?

The smartest person in the world was Isaac Newton, a true polymath whose brilliance never has been, nor ever will be, surpassed. Isaac Newton made tremendous advances, largely on his own, across many disciplines of physics and mathematics.

What is the smartest country in Europe?

  • Sweden – 7.99 out of 10. Average IQ – 99. Tertiary education attainment – 44% of people aged 25-64.
  • Norway – 7.77 out of 10. Average IQ – 100. Tertiary education attainment – 44.1% of people aged 25-64.
  • Iceland – 7.71 out of 10. Average IQ – 101.

Which country has the most friends

People in Saudi Arabia have more best friends than citizens of any other country, and Brits have the least, new research has revealed. Snapchat delved into the friendship patterns of its users around the world – revealing which nationality regularly sends photos and videos to the same friends.

Where do the smartest people live

  • Massachusetts // 93.9.
  • Connecticut // 73.8.
  • Maryland // 72.8.
  • Virginia // 72.5.
  • Vermont // 72.2.
  • New Hampshire // 70.5.
  • New Jersey // 69.5.
  • Colorado // 69.4.
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What is a good IQ

The number actually represents how your results compare to those of other people your age. A score of 116 or more is considered above average. A score of 130 or higher signals a high IQ. Membership in Mensa, the High IQ society, includes people who score in the top 2 percent, which is usually 132 or higher.

Who has the 3rd highest IQ

3. Marilyn vos Savant – IQ 228. Marilyn Vos Savant is an American writer and columnist with an IQ estimated to be 228. She is best known for writing a column in Parade magazine in which she answers questions about math, science, and other topics.

How do I know my IQ number?

One of the most well-known online exams available to you is Free-IQTest.net. It has 20 questions that will measure your IQ score accurately. After this test, you have to give your birth date since the test calculates your IQ score based on your age. This way, you may compare yourself to your peers.

What was Albert Einstein’s IQ?

Smarter than Einstein? Albert Einstein likely never took an IQ test but is estimated to have a 160 IQ—but even that can’t stand up to these masterminds.

Is 120 a good IQ

An IQ score over 140 indicates that you’re a genius or nearly a genius, while 120 – 140 is classed as “very superior intelligence”. 110 – 119 is “superior intelligence”, while 90 – 109 is “normal or average intelligence”.

What is Albert Einstein’s IQ

Albert Einstein likely never took an IQ test but is estimated to have a 160 IQ—but even that can’t stand up to these masterminds.

Who has an IQ of 300

William James Sidis has the World’s Highest IQ. Anywhere from 250 to 300 is his IQ score, almost twice the score of Albert Einstein. At the age of eleven, William famously entered Harvard University, becoming the youngest person to enter.

What is Bill Gates IQ

Bill gates: iq of 160 | MARCA English.

What are the 4 types of IQ

  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  • Emotional Quotient (EQ)
  • Social Quotient (SQ)
  • Adversity Quotient (AQ)

How much is a 100 IQ

Important Considerations. On many tests, a score of 100 is considered the average IQ. Sixty-eight percent of scores fall within one standard deviation of the mean (that is, between 85 and 115). That means that nearly 70% of all people score within plus or minus 15 points of the average score.

Who is the strongest IQ

There is not a distinct answer to who has the highest IQ, but it is not Albert Einstein. Those with higher IQs in comparison with Einstein include William James Sidis, Leonardo Da Vinci and Marilyn vos Savant. Sidis was a child prodigy whose IQ was estimated to be anywhere between 200 to 300, says parade.com.

What is the average IQ in Japan?

Here are the 10 countries with the highest IQ: Japan – 106.48. Taiwan – 106.47. Singapore – 105.89.

Is Greece the smartest country

The ranking is based on the percentage of science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM)degrees awarded per capita so that it’s a fair comparison between countries with different populations. Specifically, with a score of 26%, Greece ranks 6th on the list.

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What is the cheapest European country?


One of the cheapest countries in Europe is Bulgaria. You’re bound to save money travelling throughout this beautiful country. The capital city of Sofia is absolutely stunning! And luckily most of the main attractions, even in Sofia, are affordable.

Is Italy the smartest country in Europe

Italy though does extremely well in the ranking, coming out at fourth place in the entire world. It is the single most “intelligent” Western country and is preceded in terms of its average IQ rating only by three Asian nations: Singapore in first place, then South Korea and Japan.

What country has the best education?

  • United States. #1 in Education Rankings. No Change in Rank from 2021.
  • United Kingdom. #2 in Education Rankings.
  • Germany. #3 in Education Rankings.
  • Canada. #4 in Education Rankings.
  • France. #5 in Education Rankings.
  • Switzerland. #6 in Education Rankings.
  • Japan. #7 in Education Rankings.
  • Sweden. #8 in Education Rankings.

What country has nicest people

  • New Zealand. #1 in Friendly. #11 in Best Countries Overall.
  • Spain. #2 in Friendly. #16 in Best Countries Overall.
  • Italy. #3 in Friendly. #14 in Best Countries Overall.
  • Greece. #4 in Friendly. #25 in Best Countries Overall.
  • Canada. #5 in Friendly.
  • Netherlands. #6 in Friendly.
  • Australia. #7 in Friendly.
  • Norway. #8 in Friendly.

Which country is best to start a life

  • Sweden. Sweden is the top country in 2022 best quality of life rankings.
  • Denmark. Denmark is the second in the world in terms of quality of life.
  • Canada. Canada is one of the safest countries.
  • Switzerland.
  • Norway.
  • Finland.
  • Germany.
  • Netherlands.

What country is best to live in

  • Sweden. #1 in Quality of Life. #5 in Best Countries Overall.
  • Denmark. #2 in Quality of Life. #10 in Best Countries Overall.
  • Canada. #3 in Quality of Life.
  • Switzerland. #4 in Quality of Life.
  • Norway. #5 in Quality of Life.
  • Finland. #6 in Quality of Life.
  • Germany. #7 in Quality of Life.
  • Netherlands. #8 in Quality of Life.

Where are geniuses born

The Origin of Genius

In other words, genius is born only through nature and cannot be taught or made. This idea that genius is born and not made, was popularized by Francis Galton, a prominent nineteenth-century scientist and cousin of famous biologist, Charles Darwin.

Where are the smartest kids

Story highlights. It’s a world-class teacher’s pet – a straight-A student that’s top of the class: Singapore is officially the country with the smartest high-school kids in the world.

What IQ is too high

115 to 129: Above average or bright. 130 to 144: Moderately gifted. 145 to 159: Highly gifted. 160 to 179: Exceptionally gifted.

Is 120 IQ good for a 16 year old

An IQ score of 120 is a good score since it means superior or above-average intelligence. What is a good IQ score? A score of 100 is said to be the average IQ and anything above that is above average intelligence for the person’s age.

Who has a 400 IQ?

Adragon De Mello: IQ 400

Though he was reported to have a projected IQ of 400, De Mello hasn’t been in the public eye much in the past 20 years. We do know that in 2001, when he was a 24-year-old “high-tech worker,” he took custody of his father who was dying of bladder cancer.

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