What about the F-35 production line? When should we expect them? "ours";

Lockheed ended Q2 2022 with a backlog of 169 F35s

In his recent statements, the Minister of Defense N. Panagiotopoulos emphasized that Greece is joining the F-35 club, but added that we will see later about co-production.

However, as far as production is concerned, the manufacturing company has…issues.

It is recalled that Mr. Panagiotopoulos had visited the “Lockheed Martin” facilities ten days ago and had been informed in detail about the production processes and the operational capabilities of the 5th generation F-35 fighter aircraft.

However, Jerusalem residents are now restrained after the statements of the head of the company about the F-35 production line.

Deliveries over the next 2 years are expected to remain in the 147-153 range, similar to our 2022 plan, before reaching our target of 156 in 2025. We continue to expect annual deliveries of 156 aircraft beyond 2025 for the foreseeable future.” said Lockheed Martin CEO Jim Taiclet, disappointing those who expected a faster pace.

Lockheed reportedly closed Q2 2022 with a backlog of 169 F35s. After the pending 2022 deliveries, Lockheed expects the backlog to shrink to about 80 aircraft. Once fully sealed, the Lot 15-17 contract adds another 375 aircraft to the backlog, bringing it to 455 F35 aircraft across the three variants.

It is worth noting that the US Department of Defense is close to an agreement with Lockheed Martin for the acquisition of approximately 375 F-35 fighter jets over three years, as three sources told Reuters.

As for our “own” F-35s, recently also returning from the USA, A/GETHA had stated that we should wait for them after 2027.

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