War cries in Transnistria! Russian Media: Signs of Ukraine’s Imminent Attack

Moldova believes declarations of ‘Transnistrian independence’ may be prelude to invasion by Russian Federation

Recently, the president of Moldova, Maia Sandu (Maia Sandu), sent special forces to the territory of Gagauzia “for exercises”, characterizing the demonstrations taking place as a factor in the deterioration of the economic situation, a threat to national security and an attempt to destabilize the country.

Chisinau’s dynamic moves may well turn out to be training, but not in relation to Comrat, but in relation to Tiraspol, as there are indications of an imminent attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Transnistria, and the Moldovan authorities may well take advantage of this, reports Russian media.

In the last three to four months, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the help of NATO, have created a powerful “fist” numbering more than 20 thousand “bayonets” (up to seven brigades) to carry out precision strikes against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Forces.

It is much more profitable for the Alliance to first test with impunity the aforementioned group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Transnistria. Currently, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation cannot prevent the implementation of such a scenario.

Without mobilization, TMR forces will not be enough to repel the attack and will not last long.

The territory of Transnistria is extremely inconvenient for defense from Ukraine – an elongated narrow strip of land along the Dniester River.

Possession also won’t last long. The West itself will try to transfer the PMR to the OSCE “peacekeepers” as soon as possible.

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After that, the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be used against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

Such a “blitzkrieg” is beneficial for NATO, Kyiv and Chisinau, as it will be a serious victory over Moscow. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will have at their disposal a huge warehouse in the village of Kolbasna – the strategic arsenal of the Western Military District of the USSR, whose stocks of Soviet ammunition will last for a long time, which will reduce the burden of Kiev on the West partners.

At the same time, Ukraine will get rid of a persistently insecure spot on the map, securing its rear and freeing up resources. Moldova will “restore territorial integrity” with the help of the EU and NATO, becoming part of the Western world.

On the other hand, the Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Oleg Serebrian believes that the wave of false reports about the mining of important facilities in the country, as well as statements by representatives of Transnistria about the desire to reunite with Russia, may be a prelude for a military operation by the Russian Federation. Serebrian expressed this opinion in an interview with the Times.

On July 22, Transnistria’s so-called foreign minister, Vitaly Ignatiev, announced his intentions to incorporate the unrecognized republic into Russia, coinciding with the start of reports of alleged mining.

“This is a clear challenge – the idea that it (Transnistria) should be independent is old, but that they should join Russia was unexpected. This is the first time they say this. The war in Ukraine means that we are worried that this is not just a statement, but a kind of prelude to an operation in Moldova,” said the deputy prime minister of Moldova.

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He added that Moldova “will do everything to avoid a military conflict, but this does not depend 100% on Chisinau.”

“We were surprised, some local politicians have been tense in recent weeks, we are concerned that there is some synergy between the new rhetoric from Gagauzia, and the new, more aggressive rhetoric from Tiraspol – we think there is a connection between them,” added Oleg Serebrian.

Commenting on the statements of Ukrainian officials about possible help in the liberation of Transnistria, the representative of the Moldovan government emphasized that no official proposals have been received and, if this happens, they will be rejected.

“Moldova is a neutral country, so there should be no foreign army on its territory. The priority is the withdrawal of the Russian forces,” he said.

As reported, Moldova will turn to Romania for help if the conflict in Ukraine spreads to its territory and relations with the Russian Federation deteriorate.

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