War cries from Akar: “We are not taking a step back – Navy and Air Force have received clear instructions”

“Don’t forget to swim – We’re not retreating even a millimeter,” the Turkish defense minister defiantly declared.

Hulusi Akar went on a new anti-Greek delirium, unleashing war cries against our country, even threatening the West for supporting Greece.

Speaking to students at the opening ceremony of the new academic year at the Air Force Academy, the Turkish Defense Minister, among other things, defiantly stated that Turkey will not back down even a millimeter, stressing that the Armed Forces have received clear instructions.

“Greece is trying to present itself as a victim with a policy of slander and lies. There is the “Big Idea” that has been going on for centuries. There is no one who does not know this,” Akar said.

“Do not be misled by some futile efforts to equip, the so-called alliances, the exploits of some countries and the encouragement of those who try to sell arms. These weapons are of no use to you. This armament is too much for defense, too little for Turkey. These alliances are worthless. There are examples of this, nobody sticks around when there is a problem. Example: 1919-1922. Some countries tried to use Greece as a proxy against Turkey. They entered Anatolia and ended up falling into the sea in 1922. Read the story, remember. If you’re thinking about something like that, we say ‘don’t forget to swim'”.

According to a report by Hurriyet, Hulusi Akar further said that Greece has armed the islands with civilian status (GASA) in violation of international law. “We are watching everything closely. The necessary studies have been done and are being done for them. This situation started in 1956 with Chios. A few things have happened since that day, but Imia is a landmark. There is no question of them taking a step after that. Wherever it goes, if we die, if we become martyrs, we are veterans. It’s that simple,” he said.

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“In particular, our Navy and Air Force have been given clear instructions. It is impossible to show understanding and make concessions in this matter. Regardless of who is behind them, we are determined to do whatever is necessary with the logic of ‘let me die, let me be a martyr’.”

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