Visit of the Head of the GES to the 3SS/NRDC-GR, the MERYP and the SPSS

On Thursday, February 15, 2024, the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Lt. Gen. Georgios Kostidis, accompanied by the Commander of the 1st ARMY/EU-OHQ “ACHILLES” Lt. Gen. Dimokritos Konstantakos, visited the headquarters of the 3rd Army Corps (G΄SS/NRDC-GR ) “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”, where he was received by the Commander of the Greek Armed Forces Lieutenant General Athanasios Garinis, at the Ground Army War School (SPSX) and at the Headquarters of the Support Division (MERYP) “PROMITHEAS”.

During his visit, the Chief was informed about the operational and educational activities of the 3rd SS/NRDC-GR and the MERYP, as well as about the training provided by the School. He then delivered a brief greeting, provided guidance to the staff and emphasized the importance of Mission Based Management.

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