Visit of Minister of Health Nikos Dendias to Symi and 112 AM

The Minister of National Defence, Nikos Dendiasvisited Symi today, Monday, December 25, 2023, for the Christmas celebration.

Mr. Dendias attended the Christmas Divine Liturgy, at the Holy Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin, under the patronage of the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Symi, Tilos, Chalkis and Kastellorizo ​​etc. Chrysostomou B´. The Member of Parliament of Dodecanese also attended Manos Konsolasthe Mayor of Symi Liberal Papakalodoukasthe ASDEN Commander Lieutenant General Saving Kostakoglou, the Deputy Commander 95 ADTE Brigadier General Spyridon Papathanasiouthe Commander DAN Symis, Colonel (PZ) Panagiotis Vranasrepresentatives of the Security Forces and local authorities.

During his opposition to the address of Mr. Chrysostomou Second, the Minister of National Defense stated:

It is a very great honor for me that together with my colleague in the Parliament, your MP, Manos Consola and the General, the Commander of ASDEN, we are here today to celebrate with the officers of the Armed Forces but also with the residents of the unspoiled Symi, at Christmas.

I want to say Your Honor that both the officers of the Armed Forces as well as the inhabitants of our critical islands, not only, as you were kind enough to say, “Guard Thermopylae”, but they constitute the essence of the geographical limits of our Hellenism.

Our homeland can exist and also be preserved as we received it and hand it over to the next generation, as long as our geographical boundaries, our uninhabited islands, our uninhabited areas, live and develop. And this is thanks to the efforts of people who ignore the difficulties.

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I come from a small island, I know how difficult it is, I understand how much more difficult it is when it is located on the geographical borders of our country to the east. So, Your Excellency, the people of Symi serve our country.

You who shepherd the island know it much better than I do.

As for Kastellorizo, the Chief of the Armed Forces will be there in the coming days. I think that’s a great symbolism too. I had visited it in 2014 when I was Minister of National Defense. I will visit again in my current capacity. Kastellorizo ​​borders on a huge geopolitical importance area.

I wish that Christmas enlightens all of us and your humanity today to illuminate Symi and its inhabitants and our life and our crisis.

Be well always.”

Afterwards, the Minister of National Defense visited the TPC “DANIOLOS” chartered on the island, where he exchanged Christmas wishes with the Governor Admiral Georgios Souchlas PN and the crew.

During his visit, Mr. Dendias stated:

It’s for me great joy and great honor, that here in Symi, today I have the opportunity to visit the Missile Ship “Daniolos” and to wish the Governor and the crew a Merry Christmas.

I want to clearly state my pride in the members of our country’s Armed Forces who guard our uninhabited islands. The last days of our country.

And I think that it is precisely the day when Greek society as a whole should wish these executives from the bottom of their hearts that they will always be well.

From there, unspoiled Symi is a typical place. a place full of cultural tradition, natural beauty but also geopolitical importance.

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So my visit here today has a clear symbolism.”

In the context of the visit to Symi, The Minister visited the Holy Monastery of Archangel Michael of Panormitis, where he was welcomed and guided to the Holy Church and the grounds of the Monastery by the Abbot, His Holiness Archimandrite Fr. Antonios Patros.

Then the Mr. Dendias went to the Camp “TAXCHOU MARKOU KLADAKI” of DAN Symi where he exchanged wishes for Christmas with the officers of the Armed Forces and conscripts and had lunch with them.

Receiving the symbolic gifts from the Governor of DAN Symi (Flag and local products), the Minister said:

“I have to say that it is the first time I am visiting Symi. I am impressed by how beautiful an island it is and the huge cultural tradition it carries with it.

Also, seeing the proximity to the opposite shore, I understand how important your mission is and how important it is that we have people here who they serve the Flag – which you were kind enough to give me earlier as a souvenir – and the Motherland. As well as the broader sense of defending the extreme borders of our Motherland.

Happy birthday again, be well.”

The Minister of National Defense, after the visit to Symi, also visited the 112 AM, at the Elefsina Air Base, where he exchanged greetings at the Officers’ Club with the Commander of the Air Force Lieutenant General (I) Demosthenes Grigoriadisthe Commander of 112 PM Brigadier General (I) Kingdom Tosio and its executives.

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