Visit of Minister of Health Alcibiades Stefanis to Kastoria and Florina

The Minister of National Defense Mr. Alcibiades Stefanis made today, Thursday, June 8, 2023, visits to areas of Kastoria and Florina.

In Kastoria, the Minister went to the headquarters of the 15th Infantry Regiment where he had a brief briefing and addressed the Executives. He then met with the Deputy Regional Governor for Civil Protection, Climate Change Impacts, Environment and Infrastructure of the Region of Western Macedonia, Mr. Thomas Manothe Mayor of Kastoria Mr. Ioannis Korentsidisas well as with the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Kastoria Mr. Beautiful.

Mr. Stefanis also had contact with the Regional Governor of Western Macedonia, Mr. George Kasapidis.

In Florina, the Minister of National Defense visited the headquarters of the 1st Infantry Regiment “Sangarios” where he participated in a briefing and addressed a short greeting to the military and civilian personnel. Then he had meetings with the Mayor of Florina, Mr. Vasilios Giannakis and with the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Floris, Prespa and Eordaia, Mr. Theokletos.

The visit of Mr. Stefanis ended with his transfer to the village of Kelli, of which he is an Honorary Citizen. He was welcomed by the President of the Local Community of Kelli, Mr. Athanasios Taskas as well as dozens of villagers.

After the end of his visit, the Minister stated:

“With the short visit to Kastoria, Florina and Kelli, I had the opportunity to reaffirm the very important work offered by the Armed Forces both in terms of prevention and in terms of relief services for the Greek society.

The Armed Forces are present where the Motherland is in need.”

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