Visit of HSE Nikos Dendias to Lemnos

The Minister of National Defense Mr. Nikolaos Dendiasvisited Lemnos today, Monday January 1, 2024.

First the Minister’s station was the 130 Battle Squadron (130 SM), where he exchanged greetings with the Commander of the Squadron (I) Thomas Papadimitriouthe crews and technicians of the F-16 Readiness Aircraft, as well as the SUPER PUMA Helicopter Lookout crew performing Search and Rescue (SAR) missions.

After his visit to 130 SM, Mr. Dendias stated:

The first day of 2024 finds us on the arid island of Limnos, next to those who defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our homeland.

During these festive days, our thoughts are with the women and men of our country’s Armed Forces.

To those who prove with their daily actions that our independence and territorial integrity are not negotiable.

I would like, on the occasion of my presence today in Lemnos, to express, once again, my profound respect for the dedication and professionalism of the officers of our Armed Forces Forces, which are the guards of the Greek territory, but also the supporters of the Greek society in every difficulty.

I wish from the bottom of my heart to all the executives, as well as their families, to be happy, healthy and happy in 2024».

Afterwards, the Minister of National Defense went to the Navy Gunship “POLEMISTIS” which is chartered in the port of Myrina, where he also exchanged greetings with the Commander of the Limnos Naval Station Captain Vasilios Pappa PN, the Governor of the Gunboat Pilot Radamanthy Voskakis PN and crew members.

Mr. Dendias then attended the Doxology for the coming of the new year at the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity of Myrina, under the patronage of His Eminence the Metropolitan of Limnos and Saint Efstratiou etc. Ierotheou G´.

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The Prefect of the Lemnos Regional Unit was also present Apostolos Koutsoyiannisthe Mayor of Limnos Eleonora Georgethe Commander of ASDEN Lieutenant General Saving Kostakoglouthe Commander of the 88SDI Brigadier General Ioannis Korresother officers of the Armed Forces, representatives of the Security Forces, regional and local self-government and local authorities.

During the exchange of gifts that followed, at the Spiritual Center of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the Minister of National Defense stated in his objection to the Most Reverend Metropolitan:

I want to assure you of my great joy, of my emotion that I am today in Lemnos. I have to tell you, because I have to be honest, I’m not here by chance.

The strategic position of the island and its importance for the defense of our homeland and for the broader rights of our country in the Aegean Sea, I think is known to everyone. It does not escape, especially from your attention, that with the naval battles in this area, especially with the Naval Battle of January 5, a few days after today, Greek sovereignty in the Aegean was ensured during the Balkan War.

But, beyond that, the strategic importance of Lemnos is well known. That is why the presence of the Armed Forces of our country here is important and will remain important.

What I first wanted to say is to express my deepest thanks for the way in which the society of Lemnos, as well as the Church of Lemnos, accepts the presence of the Armed Forces of our country. with how much love he subscribes to this presence here and of course, the Armed Forces ensure as a small reciprocation of love, the security of the place.

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I would like to wish everyone, you, your families, health, happiness in 2024. I assure you that you will bear with me again during this year and I wish Your Honor all the best. Be well».

Subsequently, Mr. Dendias, accompanied by the Commander of ASDEN and the Commander of 88SDI went to the Camp “YPLCHOU DIMITRIOU KARDAMILA” where he had lunch with the officers and conscripts serving there.

During his brief greeting at the lunch, the Minister of National Defense pointed out:

I want to tell you how happy I am to have the opportunity to see you today and wish you in person.

Of course, the solemnity of the day cannot be expressed beyond a limit, because as you know we lost one of our pilots a few days ago and consequently I think it would be inappropriate in his memory to have carols and all that which under normal circumstances mark the day.

But this does not reduce the warmth of feelings and gratitude that I feel for what you are doing, for what you are accomplishing.

As you also know, the geographical point is absolutely pivotal for the country. Lemnos ensures Greek sovereignty in the Aegean and therefore your work here is very important.

It is therefore a great honor and a great pleasure for me to be here on this day, on behalf of the State and I think representing the whole of society to wish you a happy new year, all the best, with health and happiness to you and your families.

Thank you very much for the great pleasure and the great honor».

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