Visit of AKAM and Representatives of Foreign Countries to MESE

From Monday, July 10 to Tuesday, July 11, 2023, a visit was made by Defense Followers (AKAM) and representatives of foreign countries to the Air Tactics Center (KEAT), at the Andravidas Air Base, who were welcomed by the Commander of the KEAT, Brigadier General (I) Matthios Kanupakis.

The purpose of the visit was to present the operation of the Operational Composite Training Squadron (MOCET) at its facilities, where a demonstration of its capabilities took place and an update on the prospects for expanding and further upgrading synthetic training, in the context of military cooperation between the countries.

More specifically, in this visit, the AKAM of France, Colonel Olivier Madiot, the outgoing and the new AKAM of Italy, Colonel Efrem Moioli and Colonel Maurizio Ortenzi respectively, the Netherlands, Colonel Marco Kievit, Poland, Colonel Jan Kurdzialek, Saudi Arabia, Colonel Rashed Alaboudi and the Czech Republic participated Colonel Premysl Horacek, as well as representatives of the countries of the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

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