US troops will be on the front lines against Russia without further help in Ukraine, says Sen. Coons

MUNICH, Germany — The U.S. faces the prospect of immediate battle with Russia if it fails to provide continued financial and military support to forces on the ground in UkraineDemocratic US Sen. Chris Coons said Friday.

Seeking bipartisan support from the US House of Representatives for a new $95 billion aid package that includes funds for Ukraine, Coons said investment in Europe was the US’s best defense against Moscow.

“On the next front against Russia, it’s going to be Americans on the front lines,” Coons told CNBC’s Silvia Amaro at the Munich Security Conference.

“It is better to invest in Ukrainians fighting bravely for their own freedom than to allow it [Russian President Vladimir] Putin the opportunity to spread further chaos and violence across Europe.”

The US Senate approved the new funding package on Tuesday, but faces stiff opposition from House lawmakers. Both houses of Congress must approve the legislation before US President Joe Biden can sign it into law.

Coons said he was “optimistic” the bill would pass, albeit with “some back and forth.” Without doing so, Coons said Putin is likely to target a NATO ally next.

“If we don’t stop Putin in Ukraine, then he will attack the United States’ NATO allies,” he said.

Asked if he agrees with recent allegations, including by Minister of Defense of Denmarkthat such an attack could occur within the next three to five years, Coons agreed.

“That seems reasonable to me, he said.

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